Holocaust Survivors

Lilly Klein

Lilly Klein lived in hungry with her family at the time hungry and Germany in an alliance this alliance allowed Lilly to go to school at a local Jewish high school until her seventeenth year. Once hungry found out that Germany was losing, they then tried to break off the alliance . This made Hitler angry so he ordered his armies into Hungary. In 1944, German troops with the help of Hungarian collaborators, began deporting local Jews to concentration camps. Lilly was then taken to a concentration camp where they stayed for two months. They were then sent to Auschwitz death camps. On their way to the death camps they were stopped because the train tracks had bombed in allied air raids. At age eighteen in 1945 at the time they were liberating the people, Lilly was found barley alive.

Emmanuel Alper

Emmanuel was born in Pinsk, Poland in 1927. Emmanuel was living in Pinsk when they were under the Soviet-German Pact, but in 1939 the Russians started to occupier Pinsk. The Jews that were living in Pinsk had very little information about what the Germans were doing. On 1941 of July the Germans to occupied Pinsk and started to plane what they were going to do to the Jews. His father was put on the council that was planning the death of the Jews but two days into the council his father figured it out he was required to do and Ten days later, the Germans executed him. On April 30, 1942. The Jews were rounded up and killed in a sealed-off ghetto, this included Emmanuel his mother and his sister Avia.

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