Should I Bother?

Every day, over 300,000 children are used for fighters, cooks, suicide bombers, human shields, spies and for sexual purposes. These children are child soldiers. Recently, we learned about the atrocities commuted towards these thousands of children, and the horrible quality of life that they have. Some soldiers are as young as mine years old, and they are forced or tricked to fight their countries conflicts. Children are still recruited in over 100 countries, and 40% of them are girls. These young girls are mostly raped, or given as wives to commanders. That is something nobody should ever have to go through. Those who join the forces by free will join due to pressure, or belief that they will receive food and security. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The children soldiers receive an inadequate amount of food, and their basic needs are hardly met. They are forced to hurt their neighbours, and sometimes even their own families. Over 2 million children have been killed due to the use of children as soldiers, and 6 million have been seriously injured or disabled. As Canadians, it is our job to help them. We can make a difference by becoming more educated,  and learning about the realities of the situation. We can also donate to charities and campaigns that make it their goal to free the children soldiers. However, there are things that are being done in order to overcome this situation. I can’tell really think of a certain invididual who is making a difference. However, there are organizations that are trying to stop the use of  child soldiers in our world. One of these organizations is Invisible Children. They help by educating people on the realities of the situation, and receiving donations. Invisible Children also works to dismantle the LRA, a group in Uganda that actively recruites child soldiers. By broadcasting messages on African radios and educating the citizens on what is happening, they are trying to let the people of the continent know about he situation, and how they can help change it. As mentioned earlier, they also accept donations, in order to fund their campaigns. In conclusion, child soldiers seem like something of the past.  But in reality, it is not. There are still thousands of children that are forced or tricked out of their family and home, in order to serve the needs of their countries army. The situation is very sad, but there are things that we can do to help, even if they are small.

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