My Favourite Holiday Tradition

My favorite holiday tradition is going to my mom’s side of the family’s ranch during the summer. The ranch is about twenty kilometers away from my hometown, Drumheller. All of our cousins, aunts, uncles and close relatives come to the ranch to spend a week or so with everyone. We spend the morning of July 1st in Drumheller, where we watch the parade with my younger cousins Robbie and Ciaran. My brother and I are very close to Robbie. People often mistake us for siblings since Robbie looks so much like us. After the parade we go back to our ranch and we have a fire and go down into the coulees and go quading in the prairies. Drumheller always has fireworks the evening of the 1st of July when it gets dark out, close to midnight, and we all walk up a hill where we are able to see them from our ranch. After that day is over, we spend another few days with everyone, just catching up and relaxing.

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