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Online shopping is something that my family does often. I think that this kind of shopping is very convenient. We don’t always have the time to go to Calgary for shopping trips, so online shopping is the next best thing. Often, items that are found online aren’t even found in the physical store, so I prefer shopping online. As well, when I shop, I usually take a long time to choose what I want. When I buy items online, I can take as long as I want, without feeling self-conscious or like I am annoying the employees. I think that this type of spending will increase for me, as more and more companies have took to offering their products online.


For my venture project, Hug A Dog, I do think that I could use a website such as Kickstarter. Many people are very willing to contribute to projects involving the well-being of animals. For incentives, I could offer things such as naming the dogs, or free visits with the animals.


My family has never donated online. We have donated to animal shelters as well as food banks, but we have never done anything online. Regardless, I think it’s a really good idea. When you take to the internet to raise money, I think that the project is capable of reaching more people from all over than if you were to do it in a different way. My thoughts have not changed after the research.

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One thought on “Digital Commerce

  1. You make some really great observations about crowd sourcing for charitable causes.

    I also love your ideas for your a Kickstarter site for your venture, naming the dogs is an awesome idea!

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