Class Check In

A class that I am really enjoying this semester is gym. I really like it since it helps me get rid of some of my stress, and I have it first thing in the morning so I’m wide awake for the most part of the rest of the day. I’ve learned a whole bunch of new sports that I have played before, but never the right way. In my old school, our gym teacher just assumed that we were experts on every sport in existence, but Mr. Smith explains the sports really well and helps us to get better at them. He’s also very encouraging so I really enjoy gym this year. I’ve never really liked gym class and I was very happy that this was the last year that I had to do it. However, now that I have a good gym teacher I actually really enjoy physical education and I’m going to go on to do Gym 20 and 30.

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One thought on “Class Check In

  1. That is so awesome! What a difference a positive experience with a subject can make. I loved watching the grade 10’s play pickle ball this year. I think it’s really great that you get to try sports that are new to almost everyone in your class. That way no one is an expert already!

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