Information Processing 10

These are some of my best pieces of work from Information Processing 10.



For the Tagxedo assignment, we took a picture of our face. Then, we went to the website and typed in words that described us. This could be anything from physical descriptions to movies and animals. After we had finished with the words we edited the colour, theme and font. Then the website put the words into our silhouette for us. For my Tagxedo, I made the letters blue, since that was my true colour. I added my interests as well as things that are important to me. Overall, I really enjoyed the project since it was something that we could personalize very well.


Creating a logo in Canva

For our venture project, we were given the task of creating a logo for our venture using a website called Canva ( . I really enjoyed being creative with the site, and all of the different fonts, pictures and colours that were available. I liked how easy it was to use. Before we started, we did some tutorials that were on the website. They actually were very good, and helped a lot once we got started creating our pictures. The only thing I did not like was that all of the really good images costed money. I would have liked to use some other pictures but I was definitely not about to pay a dollar for a picture that I was only going to use once. However, if I actually were to start a business, I might be inclined to pay the fee. As for how I feel about my final product, I like it quite a bit. However, once I see what the image looks like once printed, I think that I should have chose a lighter colour for the background. I originally chose the darker blue since I thought that it blended well with the other colours. However, now that I see it on white paper, I think that they background blended a little too well, making it a bit difficult to differentiate from the dog. 



Creative commons are a variety of licenses used by artists to give specific rights to artists and their creations. For the Thinglink assignment we were given the task of finding an image that we were allowed to share and modify, based on the cc license that the image had. I enjoyed this project since the website was fairly easy to used, as I had used it before. I also liked that we got to choose the image, so the assignment was something that we were interested in. Here is my project:



For this assignment we were given the task of creating an infographic in relation to our venture. It had to include 2 pieces of statistical information with the help of a chart or pictogram and 3 other pieces of interesting information. We used a program called Venngage, which has a large selection of templates for infographics. There are various pictures, fonts, colours, icons, charts, etc. that enhance our presentation. For my infographic I chose to do one on quick facts about dogs, since my venture is an animal charity. One of the things that I really enjoyed about this project was how easy it was to customize the infographic, and all of the options available. There actually wasn’t anything I did not like, I found it to be a very good project. Here is the link to my infographic:


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