Social 20 – Edublogs Challenge #5

Congratulations on completing Social 20-1! Throughout the course, not only have you learned new Social Studies and Current Events topics, but many of you have also gained valuable skills in operating your own website –here, in the work we have done in our digital portfolio for Social Studies.

This is a triple point challenge!

The final Edublog challenge of the semester consists of completing your Social 20 PAGE as a final showcase of your work in Social 20-1.

You are encouraged to be creative, and follow principles of good organization and design in the construction of your page, but it must have the following features:

  • a 2-3 sentence summary of what this course has covered
  • showcase a minimum of 6 Social Studies activities/projects (many of you already have the Coat of Arms, several of you have Current Events Project, don’t forget about the ‘Character Profile’…..)
    • each ‘activity’ should be identifiable through a title
    • each ‘activity’ should have at least a brief description of the learning/content/purpose
  • a minimum of 6 links somewhere on the page (this could be to posts within Edublogs, your genocide video, your Immigration mindmap, your Coat of Arms Thinglink, your Current Events Project, etc.)
    • links should be clickable WORDS, not a long webaddress
  • a minimum of 6 pictures¬†somewhere on the page (eg. classroom project, poster, etc.) or picture directly related to content
    • in order to “count”, pictures MUST be right side up (eg. not sideways!)
    • captions for your photos are encouraged
  • To SUBMIT:
    • Go to your published Social 20 page and copy the URL (It should have the word ‘page’ somewhere in the link, like this:; and it should NOT have the word ‘edit’ in the link
    • Send this link to Mrs. Kannekens via Remind by midnight of Monday, June 26th.

*Mrs. Kannekens reserves the right to give additional Edublog challenge points for outstanding work that goes beyond minimum expectations; likewise, submissions that do not meet minimum requirements listed above may not receive 3 full Edublog challenge points

** Students who have completed all Edublog challeges offered this semester will increase their final course mark by approximately 2.25%


2017 Coat of Arms- Mike and LeeAnne

Ranking Impacts of Canadian milestones

Chinese Immigration Mindmap -Shayla H & Caitlyn

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