Social 20 – Edublogs Challenge #5

Congratulations on completing Social 20-1! Throughout the course, not only have you learned new Social Studies and Current Events topics, but many of you have also gained valuable skills in operating your own website –here, in the work we have done in our digital portfolio for Social Studies.

This is a triple point challenge!

The final Edublog challenge of the semester consists of completing your Social 20 PAGE as a final showcase of your work in Social 20-1.

You are encouraged to be creative, and follow principles of good organization and design in the construction of your page, but it must have the following features:

  • a 2-3 sentence summary of what this course has covered
  • showcase a minimum of 6 Social Studies activities/projects (many of you already have the Coat of Arms, several of you have Current Events Project, don’t forget about the ‘Character Profile’…..)
    • each ‘activity’ should be identifiable through a title
    • each ‘activity’ should have at least a brief description of the learning/content/purpose
  • a minimum of 6 links somewhere on the page (this could be to posts within Edublogs, your genocide video, your Immigration mindmap, your Coat of Arms Thinglink, your Current Events Project, etc.)
    • links should be clickable WORDS, not a long webaddress
  • a minimum of 6 pictures somewhere on the page (eg. classroom project, poster, etc.) or picture directly related to content
    • in order to “count”, pictures MUST be right side up (eg. not sideways!)
    • captions for your photos are encouraged
  • To SUBMIT:
    • Go to your published Social 20 page and copy the URL (It should have the word ‘page’ somewhere in the link, like this:; and it should NOT have the word ‘edit’ in the link
    • Send this link to Mrs. Kannekens via Remind by midnight of Monday, June 26th.

*Mrs. Kannekens reserves the right to give additional Edublog challenge points for outstanding work that goes beyond minimum expectations; likewise, submissions that do not meet minimum requirements listed above may not receive 3 full Edublog challenge points

** Students who have completed all Edublog challeges offered this semester will increase their final course mark by approximately 2.25%


2017 Coat of Arms- Mike and LeeAnne

Ranking Impacts of Canadian milestones

Chinese Immigration Mindmap -Shayla H & Caitlyn

INSTRUCTIONS: 20 3C -Genocide Research


  1. Create a “New Post” with an appropriate title that includes the word Genocide.  CATEGORY: Social20  TAGS: genocide, ultranationalism, yourcountry
  2.  Write a brief 4-5 sentence summary about your genocide (date, location, main groups involved, main methods, number killed/ displaced, etc.)
  3.  Include a link to your project.  If possible, upload it to ‘add media’.  Pictures are good.
  4. When finished your post, add your genocide project in some way to your Social 20 Page – this should include a link to your video project and/or a link to the summary post you just wrote

Social 20 – Edublog Challenge #3

You Double Point Edublog Challenge is thus:

To submit, follow the instructions for a post below OR add the required information to your Social 20 “Page” with thoughtful formatting/organization.

  1. Create a NEW POST in Edublog.
  2. Title: Edublog Challenge #3: Current Events Project
  3. Write a 3-5 Sentence overview of your project/topic.
  4. Include a minimum of 3 pictures of your project (eg. somemight be close-ups of content)
  5. Add links for previous posts on your CE Plan, Check-in #1 and Reflections.  (Use the little ‘chain’ icon above to insert a live link)
  6. (optional) You may choose to add links to a video or websites that were especially useful in your research.
  7. Add the Category: Social 20 and Tag: 20EdublogChallenge (1word), CEProject
  8. Message Mrs. K on Remind to let her know you have participated; include the link to this new blog post or page


INSTRUCTIONS: CE Project: Post-Reflections

Think of this as about a 15-20 minute, sit-down-and-reflect assignment.

  1. Create a New Post
  2. Title: CE Project – Reflections 1
  3. Category: Social 20;  Current Events Project    TAGS: Social 20, CE2, CE Project  and a topic tag or two that will be specific to your CE topic  (eg. child marriage, Keystone XL)  –choose the same tag you used last time.
  4. Use the following prompts, starting a new paragraph for each:
    • What are some of the most surprising/ impactful/ etc. things that you learned? (3-5 sentences)
    • One purpose of this project was to help you get a deeper understanding about a national or world issue. Did the project accomplish this for you? Explain why or why not.
    • At the end, how do you feel about your choice of topic? Would you have switched? What do you wish you had done? Explain.
    • This was a big research project with a working window of over 4 months. Discuss your ‘process’ as a researcher: eg. what were your biggest challenges? what would you have done differently (use of time, materials, etc)? what were the secrets to your success?
    • Anything else related to your project that you would like to reflect on.

3E INSTRUCTIONS: Environmental Refusals

Start a new BlogTitle: Rating Environmental Refusals   TAGs: Refuse, Powerof1, Environment   Category: Social 10,

Write your blog using the 2 paragraphs described on page 12 of SB3E.

Paragraph 1: Outline a “refusal plan” in a detailed paragraph. In your paragraph, explain what should be refused, who should do it, how often, where, when, etc. Don’t worry about “why” — that’s the next paragraph.

Paragraph 2: In a second paragraph, clearly explain the reasoning behind your selections and respond to counter-arguments of any anticipated nay-sayers. This is where you will talk about the “why”. Explain why your plan is better than any other plan. Respond thoroughly to possible opposition to your plan.

3D: INSTRUCTIONS: Is Walmart Good for North America?

Write a NEW POST with an appropriate title.  Categories: Social 10, Reflections of Globalization  Tag: Walmart

Use the following criteria for sustainable prosperity:

  • involves a good quality of life
  • respects the environment
  • efficient use and sharing of resources that help progress
  • involves mutual respects for people and the planet

Task: Given what you have learned in the videos and what you know about BoxMart/Walmart/multinationals from your own understanding or experience, write a response in which you must:

  • establish and argue a position in response to the question presented
  • support your position and arguments by using evidence from your knowledge and understanding of Social Studies
  • (as ‘evidence’ you  may want to use your knowledge of “your country” and how it has been affected by economic globalization)

Issue Question:  To what extent does Walmart (Boxmart) contribute to sustainable prosperity?

Paragraph 1: Explore the issue of BoxMart/Walmart/multinationals and its link to sustainable prosperity; why is this issue complex? what are opposing views? (Some people love Walmart because…. Others argue that……)   end with YOUR POSITION (Eg.  Walmart fully contributes to sustainable prosperity for all people.  OR Walmart appears to contribute to prosperity, but the prosperity is not sustainable.   ETC…..)

Paragraph 2: Argument/Reason 1 with support/evidence from multiple sources/countries/ case studies

Paragraph 3: Argument/Reason 2 with support/evidence from multiple sources/countries/ case studies

Sample Response #1     Sample Response #2

Read: Walmart’s Website regarding “sustainability”

Watch “Is Walmart Good for America?” (55 minutes) at

Watch/Read when Walmart workers speak out (1 min 46) 

 Watch collection of worker views, facts and Walmart ads:

Resources: Here is the link to viewer responses to the Walmart movie:


Assessing Blog rubric.JPG


We increase our accountability when we tell others our plans.

At the end of SB3C in Social 10, you chose an issue that you are interested or passionate about, and made a list of steps that you could take if you were to be a “difference maker”.

In this blog post, you will briefly share your passion/spark and your plan ideas. Before the end of the semester (or really, anytime before you graduate), if you have taken any action on this passion and plan, your job is to change the title of this blog to “I DID bother…” and explain what steps of actions you’ve taken, no matter how small.

Start a NEW POST. Today’s title: “I COULD bother” (put the word “could” in CAPS for effect!) Categories Social 10; Tag: action project, Powerof1

3B: INSTRUCTIONS: Quality of Life- Giving up Top 10

In class, we created a Top 10 list of items most important to quality of life. Create a NEW blog post, where you tell which 2 items from the top 10 list you would be willing to give up. Explain your choices in detail — a short paragraph for each choice.   Title: Giving up Top 10. Use the category Social 10 .   Tag: Quality of Life (spaces between the words)

****When you have completed your post, copy it and paste it into the “Comment” section of this blog (Mrs. Kannekens’ blog).


2017 Coat of Arms- Mike and LeeAnne

Congratulations on completing your Coat of Arms.

Follow the instructions below to post your Coat of Arms to your digital portfolio.

Create a NEW Post; Title: “Recreating Canada’s Coat of Arms” ; Category: Social 20   Tags: Social 20, Nationalism, Canada, Coat of Arms, etc.

Upload the image of your Coat of Arms into your post by clicking the “Add Media” button at the top of this page. Be sure to give your image a caption.

Write a summary of at least 4 sentences explaining why your Coat of Arms is better than Canada’s current one.  Include a sentence that says something like “Check out my interactive Coat of Arms at” — attach a link to your coat of arms to some part of that sentence by inserting the link (use the ‘chain/link’ symbol above.

When you are finished, go to your Social 20 PAGE. Add the picture of your Coat of Arms, a brief description, and a link to your Thinglink  and a link to the page where you wrote your description.

Check out these student examples:   Shayla     LeeAnne    Trinity