Impacts of difital technology

When I first seen the videos on the colten miners and e-waste I was very shocked. It’s so disgusting to me how in our society we are wasting and throwong things away because it isn’t the best and newst thing out there when there are people like the colten miners who are hardly able to survive. The colten miners are miners who are looking for a precious mineral that goes into the circut board of our devices. They have absolute terrible working condition like having to walk through forests for 40miles with bags that weigh 50K. Then workers get one meal a day and they don’t typically work for money because they trade whatever they can for food. The soilders will steal the miners hard worked earnings or hold them at gun point until they give up any mineral they’ve collected. The miners have absolutely no protective equiptment to keep them from being harmed in the mines. E-waste releases harmful toxins, it contaminates the water,soil and endangers everyones health. There are young kids working with these harmful toxins in closed rooms for hours on end. This is why it’s so awful that these people have such conditions to face and have to try and survive under those circumstamnces and we don’t worry about what goes into the process of getting these new devices, just that we have the newest thing out there.

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