My most impactful learning moment

My most impactful learning moment was to never take stairs for granted. Stairs are supposed to support you going up and down but they failed because I just went down and they certainly did not catch me. I missed one stair, just one and managed to break 3 bones in my foot. This has faced me with many challenges and you never really understand how hard day to day things become on one foot. This has made me realize how weak I am. But the only good thing about this experience is I don’t have to take the bus.

Review on recent movie I’ve seen

I recently haven’t watched any movies because honestly I really don’t watch movies, I just don’t have whole lot of time to do so. But I really enjoy the tv series called Riverdale. It is has an interesting plot and you always have to be thinking about what’s going to happen next. I think this would appeal to any type of audience because it has such a strong plot. At the end of every episode you are always so curious as to what’s going to happen next episode. The show is basically about this group of high school students that have been thrown into this mysterious murderer.

Wikipedia Usage

Honestly I don’t see a big problem in using Wikipedia for research in school. With the things we have learned in class about how wiki works and how it’s monitored, I don’t think there’s any reason we shouldn’t be allowed. If people are going in and changing the information, the person who wrote the article and put the information in the wiki can see what has been changed. Overall the I believe Wikipedia is a reliable site.