Hotel Rwanda Response

I really didn’t know anything about the history of Rwanda, before reading an article in class I didn’t even know it existed. The Rwanda genocide was something that occurred during the 1980’s. Rwanda was made up of two groups of people the Hutu people and the Tutsi people. When they first settled in Rwanda the term were just names to defer on who had more cattle. Then when European people came to colonize the Tutsi before the more european looking people and the people with more money and they Hutu were just everyone else. This took another turn when the Hutu president was killed and they thought that it was Tutsi rebels who did it. The Hutu then began to try and swipe out all Tutsi to get revenge for all that they had taken away from them. They would target young Tutsi children first to wipe out the next generation. They truly believed that they could torture and murder every Tutsi person. They would slaughter every single Tutsi person and just leave corpse laying wherever they were killed because they refused the bury the bodies. Thousands of Tutsi bodies littered the streets, exposed to all types of elements, dogs, rats, bugs, disease.

A legacy that was left behind was guilt to the rest of the world for not helping. They knew what was happening and did absolutely nothing to stop it. Because of their lack of efforts it caused over 1 million innocent people to be slaughtered. Eurocentrism and Capitalism were huge factors in this because the Tutsi people believed that because they were more educated looked more european and had much more money so they were considered to be more powerful. However only 10% was Tutsi people so when they voted it was a minority government and the Hutu over ruled in population.  

The fact that the world knew this was happening and chose not to send help is disgusting to me. Like how they said in the movie, “People will see this and say wow that’s terrible and go on eating their dinner” and that’s exactly what happened. Yes the world felt terrible for what was happening but they still did nothing to help.

I think there could’ve been a lot done, there could’ve been soldiers sent there that could actually fight back and help. They could’ve send nurses and volunteers to help the wounded and could’ve rescued people. So many lives could’ve been saved if they would’ve have made an effort instead of hiding from the issue. 

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