Argumentative response

I believe that we have taken a pretty good amount of responsibility. We have given apologies and taken responsibility for the things that happened in the past. But I don’t think any amount of apologizes or money can heal the wounds that have been brought to these groups. They have deep emotional scars and saying sorry might put a band-aid over the wound but it’s still going to have an impact on the rest of their lives. I think the apologizing gives the Aboriginals some closure though. The Canadian government has also given them reserves to live on where they don’t have to work or really do anything if that’s what they choose. The reserves aren’t very nice at all in my opinion, they sort of gave them bare minimum so they can just get by. Most of them can’t afford to leave the reserves even if they wished to do so. So yes we took responsibility and gave them homes and some money but they still don’t have very good living conditions and forever will have to deal with the effects of the past.

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