Talon pride

Something that makes me proud to be at Eagle Butte is that we have many successful sports teams. Our school has a very good  name associated with being very sports-men like and polite when we are at tournament and hosting.  It feels good to know that coaches know us for always being very polite and the fact that we have that type of name for our athletes is impressive.

child soldiers

One of the saddest things to me is that there are thousands of children are left alone of the streets with no one to care for them. They have no food or anything to take care of their basic health. Its very sad to me that the children are terrified to go anywhere at night and scramble to find a place to settle for the night.  This is all in fear that they will be captured by the rebles and taken to the bush. As Canadians I think we could make a difference, we seen these things and think wow that’s terrible but really do nothing about it. We can donate money and food to these highly dangerous places or even volunteers and soldiers to help out. I believe that there is things like this that could and should be done but no one has made that effort. As individuals we could simply donate some money and food, a little could go a long way. Someone that I know that puts in a effort is my mom, she always makes donations to the needy and fundraisers that donate to kids in need. Not a lot but still puts in a small effort. I think she bothers because it’s just a little something that could help someone else who is really in need and that makes her feel good. After learning about children soldiers I noticed people haven’t really made an effort to solve the issue. Yes this group of boys went out and documented what was happening to expose to the world but what did they really to do stop it. It was a very eye opening film but no one has really changed this situation.