The Counselor (SI)

Your two Primary Interest traits are

1 Social
2 Investigative


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The Counselor

The Counselor is curious and thoughtful. They like to use what they’ve learned to assist or to educate as many people as they can. Counselors have a strong interest in academics and often pursue advanced knowledge in their field of interest which they then try to pass on to others. When you need a supportive, people oriented person who is a subject matter expert, and that can share their knowledge seek out a Counselor.

Interest Traits

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Social occupations revolve around people. These occupations usually involve assisting, teaching, healing or serving others. The focus of Social occupations can range from very practical to highly academic outcomes.



Investigative occupations involve working with theories, concepts, information, and ideas. Curiosity, reasoning, logic, research, analysis, and science are typical activities in Investigative occupations.

Learning Styles

Auditory-Kinesthetic Learner

You learn by

T touching
D doing
H hearing
L listening

Learning Styles

Understand the Learning Styles and how they relate to you


Whatever your strongest Learning Style(s) results are, the best way to learn something is to try to use all three Learning Style approaches whenever you can. Because different activities use different parts of our brain, when we use different ways to do or learn the same thing, our minds do a better job of remembering it.



If you are a kinesthetic learner, you prefer to learn by touching and doing. You likely need to be active, take frequent breaks, and make gestures when you talk and explain something. Your preference is for hands-on experiences, tasks that involve manipulating materials, and you appreciate physically expressed encouragement when you communicate.

Study Tips

  • Participate in more hands-on tasks during learning
  • Use Flash cards to sort concepts
  • Study in short blocks of time and give yourself breaks
  • Construct a model or representation of concepts



Being an auditory learner means you learn by hearing and listening. You might prefer to listen to audio books or podcasts, hum or talk to yourself often when you are studying, and enjoy acquiring knowledge by reading aloud. What is most important is that you hear what is being instructed.

Study Tips

  • Record yourself reading your notes and listen to them
  • Talk with someone about the topic
  • Repeat information with your eyes closed
  • Listen to recorded media related to the subject



As a visual learner, you learn by looking and seeing. You probably like to take numerous detailed notes, tend to sit in the front, often close your eyes to visualize or remember something, and benefit from illustrations and presentations that use colour.

Study Tips

  • Underline or highlight key ideas in your notes
  • Use graphic organizers (i.e., mind map, Venn diagram, web)
  • Pause, and try to create a mental image in your mind, or pause, and draw a visual representation
  • Turn concepts into charts and diagrams

Personality Reflection


ENFJ (The Teacher)

ENFJs tend to be outgoing and to feel at ease in large groups or when working as part of a team. They likely enjoy the spotlight, socializing, and working through problems by discussing them with others. ENFJs also tend to be empathetic, diplomatic, and good at “reading” people. They likely feel invigorated when working in a group and may be impulsive, sometimes speaking their minds without careful consideration.

When approaching a new task, the ENFJ prefers concrete goals and deadlines over flexibility and options, which may be perceived as road blocks. They also tend to collect as much information as possible and to focus on the big picture, rather than on details. Their tendency to focus on the big picture makes them good at spotting emerging trends, although they may also form connections that do not really exist. ENFJs benefit from their tendency to plan and adhere to deadlines because they can be disorganized with their ideas, which may mean that they have difficulty communicating their ideas to others.

When faced with a decision, ENFJs tend to consider how it will affect others, and are likely viewed by others as being caring and considerate. They also tend to be flexible in their thinking and recognize the complexity of issues, rather than seeing things as being “black or white”. ENFJs put more emphasis on teamwork and getting along, and their supportive nature may mean that they put the needs of others before their own or are easily persuaded. Nevertheless, the ENFJ is likely openminded, understanding, and good at resolving conflict.

Talon pride

Something that makes me proud to be at Eagle Butte is that we have many successful sports teams. Our school has a very good  name associated with being very sports-men like and polite when we are at tournament and hosting.  It feels good to know that coaches know us for always being very polite and the fact that we have that type of name for our athletes is impressive.

child soldiers

One of the saddest things to me is that there are thousands of children are left alone of the streets with no one to care for them. They have no food or anything to take care of their basic health. Its very sad to me that the children are terrified to go anywhere at night and scramble to find a place to settle for the night.  This is all in fear that they will be captured by the rebles and taken to the bush. As Canadians I think we could make a difference, we seen these things and think wow that’s terrible but really do nothing about it. We can donate money and food to these highly dangerous places or even volunteers and soldiers to help out. I believe that there is things like this that could and should be done but no one has made that effort. As individuals we could simply donate some money and food, a little could go a long way. Someone that I know that puts in a effort is my mom, she always makes donations to the needy and fundraisers that donate to kids in need. Not a lot but still puts in a small effort. I think she bothers because it’s just a little something that could help someone else who is really in need and that makes her feel good. After learning about children soldiers I noticed people haven’t really made an effort to solve the issue. Yes this group of boys went out and documented what was happening to expose to the world but what did they really to do stop it. It was a very eye opening film but no one has really changed this situation.

Anonymous on the Internet

In my opinion being anonymous online isn’t a good idea. You can get yourself into a lot of trouble being anonymous online, the fact that you can hide behind a screen and think that no one can find out who you are gives people some sort of confidence to say things they shouldn’t. They think that they can say whatever they want when the truth is if you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face you shouldn’t be saying it behind the screen.  It really bothers me that when people can hide behind the safety of a screen and that’s the only way they can say things when they would never say it to anyone’s face.

Argumentative response

I believe that we have taken a pretty good amount of responsibility. We have given apologies and taken responsibility for the things that happened in the past. But I don’t think any amount of apologizes or money can heal the wounds that have been brought to these groups. They have deep emotional scars and saying sorry might put a band-aid over the wound but it’s still going to have an impact on the rest of their lives. I think the apologizing gives the Aboriginals some closure though. The Canadian government has also given them reserves to live on where they don’t have to work or really do anything if that’s what they choose. The reserves aren’t very nice at all in my opinion, they sort of gave them bare minimum so they can just get by. Most of them can’t afford to leave the reserves even if they wished to do so. So yes we took responsibility and gave them homes and some money but they still don’t have very good living conditions and forever will have to deal with the effects of the past.

Hotel Rwanda Response

I really didn’t know anything about the history of Rwanda, before reading an article in class I didn’t even know it existed. The Rwanda genocide was something that occurred during the 1980’s. Rwanda was made up of two groups of people the Hutu people and the Tutsi people. When they first settled in Rwanda the term were just names to defer on who had more cattle. Then when European people came to colonize the Tutsi before the more european looking people and the people with more money and they Hutu were just everyone else. This took another turn when the Hutu president was killed and they thought that it was Tutsi rebels who did it. The Hutu then began to try and swipe out all Tutsi to get revenge for all that they had taken away from them. They would target young Tutsi children first to wipe out the next generation. They truly believed that they could torture and murder every Tutsi person. They would slaughter every single Tutsi person and just leave corpse laying wherever they were killed because they refused the bury the bodies. Thousands of Tutsi bodies littered the streets, exposed to all types of elements, dogs, rats, bugs, disease.

A legacy that was left behind was guilt to the rest of the world for not helping. They knew what was happening and did absolutely nothing to stop it. Because of their lack of efforts it caused over 1 million innocent people to be slaughtered. Eurocentrism and Capitalism were huge factors in this because the Tutsi people believed that because they were more educated looked more european and had much more money so they were considered to be more powerful. However only 10% was Tutsi people so when they voted it was a minority government and the Hutu over ruled in population.  

The fact that the world knew this was happening and chose not to send help is disgusting to me. Like how they said in the movie, “People will see this and say wow that’s terrible and go on eating their dinner” and that’s exactly what happened. Yes the world felt terrible for what was happening but they still did nothing to help.

I think there could’ve been a lot done, there could’ve been soldiers sent there that could actually fight back and help. They could’ve send nurses and volunteers to help the wounded and could’ve rescued people. So many lives could’ve been saved if they would’ve have made an effort instead of hiding from the issue. 

Reasearch Historical Globalization In Afghanistan

It has been traced all the way back to 500BC when people first settled in Afghanistan.  Many different empires were established inside Afghanistan throughout this time period. Afghanistan was never colonized. People used it as a gate way to India which was connected highly with the Silk Road. In this time the Silk Road was very popular way to trade goods and knowledge. Having this Afghanistan was fairly popular. It was rich in natural resources like copper, iron, and rare-earth minerals. This created a want for the resources. When war outburst in Afghanistan against most of the United Nations due to terrorists attacks, it was known as the longest civil war known. Now Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous places in the world it is in war, high crime rate, poverty, child labour.

The quality of life in Afghanistan is terrible. 36% of the population is unemployed and half is living under the poverty line. Afghanistan is a huge target for terrorist attacks. Many people feel scared to even leave their homes because they fear of being killed. They don’t know if they can even walk down the street without a bomb going off or a suicide bomber.  They never know when and where these things will happen, so they live in fear. The people of Afghanistan have fairly normal family lives similar to much of ours. They rely heavily on a close family, they have big families and the oldest male leads them.  They live in large mud brick homes.  94% of Afghanistan’s population follows Islamic religion, this is the belief that there is only one God and that Muhammad is a messenger of God. No aboriginal peoples live in Afghanistan, 42% is Pashtuns the other ethnic groups that livet here are  Tajik, Hazara, Uzbek, Aimak, Turkmen, Baloch, Pashai, Nuristani, Gujjar, Arab, Brahui, Pamiri. Along with all these ethnic groups could be different beliefs and religions.

Rwanda is somewhere that we have learned about that I think has some similarities to Afghanistan. There is war outbursts everywhere in Afghanistan similar to how there are in Rwanda. Rwanda had more disturbing outburst but they both have an extremely high crime rate. They both also barely have any form of government, both of these places have very low quality of life and no one would want to be going to either of these places. Soilders are found in both of these places almost all of the time, waiting for more attacks and war outbursts.

Family Holiday Traditions

In my family I wouldn’t say we really have any traditions that really stick out. But every year we get together with my moms and dads side of the family and it switches every year between families about who we spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with. We all takes turns having it at everyone houses. I guess something we always do with my dads side of the family is we do gag gifts. Basically everyone buys a gift for $20 and we put all the gifts in the middle and everyone picks a number and you choose a gift and you have the chance to switch it for something else that someone has. You only get 3 trades though. I really have always enjoyed this.