My most impactful learning moment

My most impactful learning moment was to never take stairs for granted. Stairs are supposed to support you going up and down but they failed because I just went down and they certainly did not catch me. I missed one stair, just one and managed to break 3 bones in my foot. This has faced me with many challenges and you never really understand how hard day to day things become on one foot. This has made me realize how weak I am. But the only good thing about this experience is I don’t have to take the bus.

Review on recent movie I’ve seen

I recently haven’t watched any movies because honestly I really don’t watch movies, I just don’t have whole lot of time to do so. But I really enjoy the tv series called Riverdale. It is has an interesting plot and you always have to be thinking about what’s going to happen next. I think this would appeal to any type of audience because it has such a strong plot. At the end of every episode you are always so curious as to what’s going to happen next episode. The show is basically about this group of high school students that have been thrown into this mysterious murderer.

Wikipedia Usage

Honestly I don’t see a big problem in using Wikipedia for research in school. With the things we have learned in class about how wiki works and how it’s monitored, I don’t think there’s any reason we shouldn’t be allowed. If people are going in and changing the information, the person who wrote the article and put the information in the wiki can see what has been changed. Overall the I believe Wikipedia is a reliable site.

Contemporary Baking

Before I began this module there was a lot I didn’t know a lot about baking. Whenever I would help my mom decorate cupcakes using icing bags it was always so difficult because it was so messy & difficult. So one thing that I definitely will remember is when you’re using icing bags to wrap the icing in plastic wrap & pull it through the bag. Creating a mess free bag & an easy clean up. This module connected to me personally because baking with my mom is always something i’ve done & something I love to do. So getting to bake with different people using different techniques was really enjoyable for me.

I chose this photo because the day before we made the butter milk biscuits we made quick drop biscuits & they weren’t my favorite. I wasn’t expecting much for the buttermilk biscuits but I was very wrong. We got to make them into strawberry shortcake biscuits & they tasted like no biscuit I’ve ever tasted. It was a sweet biscuit so the real whipping creame & strawberries was awesome.

Since I’m im the same group at last module we work well together & have an understanding on how one another function. I’ve developed fundamental skills from this modual like spooning dry ingredients & always leveling it off with a flat edge to get precise measurements.  Even when a product doesn’t turn out exactly how we were hoping we never get down or give up or just throw it away. We learn from where we messed up & figure it out. Overall this modual was very enjoyable & I’d recommend to anyone wanting to learn how to bake we ranged from easy recipes to challenging ones.

Pet Peeves

One of my pet peeves is when people chew with their mouth open. It not only grosses me out but I just can’t stand to watch it. It bothers me so much when you’re just sitting around eating normally and there’s always that one person just smacking their lips and chewing in the most obnoxious way. Another pet peeve is when you’re walking at a perfectly good pace and someone steps on the back of your shoe and then your shoe comes off. Another pet peeve is when you’re sitting in class doing a test or working and concentrating and there’s always that person humming right behind you.

Impacts of difital technology

When I first seen the videos on the colten miners and e-waste I was very shocked. It’s so disgusting to me how in our society we are wasting and throwong things away because it isn’t the best and newst thing out there when there are people like the colten miners who are hardly able to survive. The colten miners are miners who are looking for a precious mineral that goes into the circut board of our devices. They have absolute terrible working condition like having to walk through forests for 40miles with bags that weigh 50K. Then workers get one meal a day and they don’t typically work for money because they trade whatever they can for food. The soilders will steal the miners hard worked earnings or hold them at gun point until they give up any mineral they’ve collected. The miners have absolutely no protective equiptment to keep them from being harmed in the mines. E-waste releases harmful toxins, it contaminates the water,soil and endangers everyones health. There are young kids working with these harmful toxins in closed rooms for hours on end. This is why it’s so awful that these people have such conditions to face and have to try and survive under those circumstamnces and we don’t worry about what goes into the process of getting these new devices, just that we have the newest thing out there.

Eagle Butte so far

This year is already going really fast, my time at eagle butte so far has been pretty good. We are already half way through our first semester which has flown by. Eagle Butte has been really fun for me getting to play on the jv volleyball team has been my highlight. Being a part of a new team with new people is really exciting. I think coming into high school I expected it to be a lot different from junior high, and I was right. You get so much more freedom and are treated like young adults and the teachers don’t hold your hand anymore. The days go by so much faster with only have 4 main classes a day. I didn’t expect the classes to be much harder than junior high but you learn a lot of material in one class and are expected to keep up with notes. While in junior high you have small lessons and get printed out notes. I’m really enjoying myself here though I really love being around new people in a new environment.

1C- Responding to Einstein

To me the picture indicates that recent trends in communication have been very slim. Due to the increasing amount of technology use people are forgetting how to have face to face human communication. I’m guilty myself when out for supper or out with friends everyone is sitting around face in their phones more focused on what’s on snapchat than what’s happening in real life. Or when at a concert everyone is basically viewing the concert through a phone rather than living in the moment for real Einstein defiantly predicted correctly because technology has surpassed human interaction. The generation we live in people especially teens can’t hardly function without their phones. We are so obsessed with technology that some would rather be absorbed in the internet then have human interaction.

1C Cartoon Analysis

In the cartoon the boy is talking to an Aboriginal girl and say to her that she doesnt look Indian. In my opinion I with that this is an example of sterotyping. I belive that movies and social meida have built this idea how Aboriginal people should look a certian way and that they act and dress a certian way. Like in movies that have Aboriginal characters in it they always have like feathers and face paint and are doing chants. When really Aboriginal people are just the same as anyone else who has a diffrent culture or religion. It’s no diffrent then anyone else following a religion, people who are for say cathlic don’t look a certain way. I think this cartoon has a good message though that kids are believing what they see in the cyber world over how things are in real life.

Is Smart Technology making us smarter or Dumber?

I don’t think that smart technology is making us dumber or smarter in all honesty. I think that there are certain parts of technology that make us smarter. For example look at all the young children in elementary who are more advanced at using technology than adults. Children growing up in a technology filled society learn much more in my opinion. There are so many games that make kids use their brain and help them learn. There are also parts of technology that make us dumber like when teens are sitting on their phones for hours on end on social media, that’s really not doing much for our brains. However reading things on social media could be a benefit in strengthening your reading skills. Overall I think that there are positive and negative effects of technology and if they make us dumber or smarter.