Contemporary Baking

Before I began this module there was a lot I didn’t know a lot about baking. Whenever I would help my mom decorate cupcakes using icing bags it was always so difficult because it was so messy & difficult. So one thing that I definitely will remember is when you’re using icing bags to wrap the icing in plastic wrap & pull it through the bag. Creating a mess free bag & an easy clean up. This module connected to me personally because baking with my mom is always something i’ve done & something I love to do. So getting to bake with different people using different techniques was really enjoyable for me.

I chose this photo because the day before we made the butter milk biscuits we made quick drop biscuits & they weren’t my favorite. I wasn’t expecting much for the buttermilk biscuits but I was very wrong. We got to make them into strawberry shortcake biscuits & they tasted like no biscuit I’ve ever tasted. It was a sweet biscuit so the real whipping creame & strawberries was awesome.

Since I’m im the same group at last module we work well together & have an understanding on how one another function. I’ve developed fundamental skills from this modual like spooning dry ingredients & always leveling it off with a flat edge to get precise measurements. ¬†Even when a product doesn’t turn out exactly how we were hoping we never get down or give up or just throw it away. We learn from where we messed up & figure it out. Overall this modual was very enjoyable & I’d recommend to anyone wanting to learn how to bake we ranged from easy recipes to challenging ones.