Talon pride

Something that makes me proud to be at Eagle Butte is that we have many successful sports teams. Our school has a very good  name associated with being very sports-men like and polite when we are at tournament and hosting.  It feels good to know that coaches know us for always being very polite and the fact that we have that type of name for our athletes is impressive.

The World in 25 People: I am Afghanistan

the country I decided to research was Afghanistan. I chose this because I don’t know much about this country besides all the things I hear on the news about how awful it is and all the terrorists. Because of all the current events on this place I thought it would be really interesting to learn more. I think that it would be really hard to live in a place like that because they live on less the 1$ a day. there’s also not very good living conditions there.

My First Few Weeks of High School

The night before school started I’m not going to lie, I was so nervous. There was so many things I was thinking about like where to go and all the new people plus there were volleyball tryouts the first day. Luckily once I got to the school my friends were already there. After only being there for like an hour I already felt pretty comfortable. I make friends pretty easily so I can’t say that I was nervous to talk to people. Volleyball tryouts made me pretty nervous though because there were a lot of girls there and they were all good players. But despite me doubting myself I did make JV. The first few days of school felt weird walking down new unfamiliar hallways but I’m pretty used to it now. I actually am really enjoying high school, I find the days go by really fast and I have fun throughout the day. I like how much more freedom we have and I’ve already made a bunch more new friends.