Foods 10

  • Food Basics
    Before I began this module I didn’t know more than just the basics of cooking and food safety. So far in this modal I’ve already learned so much. I have learned proper cutting techniques like rolling technique where you’re knife never leaves the cutting board. And how to crush garlic, you niche it then almost smear it to the cutting board with the flat side of your knife.
    If I were to recommend this module to a friend I would tell them that it is a really good course to take to learn about basic food cooking. It’s something really good to learn because when you’re home alone you can actually cook yourself something. Cooking is something that you’ll need your whole life so you should at least know the basics.

My favorite thing we’ve made so far is Greek Salad, I’ve had it few times before and it wasn’t my absolute favorite. I was very willing to try it again though.  The home made dressing in my opinion made it 100 times better, it was so good. I think the salad has a perfect balance of fresh to salty flavor and the feta cheese made it the best. We crumbled our feta cheese so you got some in every bite rather than chunks. We had olives in ours and I very much dislike olives but they tasted so good in the salad. When preparing the salad we used the chopping technique, keeping the pieces fairly big.  I would defiantly recommend this recipe to anyone.

In this module teamwork is a huge factor. I came in never working with the people in my group. You have to go in with a open mind and be prepared to be a cooperative group member and be able to adjust to peoples different learning styles. You have to be able to communicate and voice your opinion while keeping a positive attitude. Time management is a huge part of being in a group, you have to be able to complete a task in a certain amount of time. For my group that just involves multitasking and having a plan and sticking to it. These are the things that are involved in being a productive group member.

Contemporary Baking

Before I began this module there was a lot I didn’t know a lot about baking. Whenever I would help my mom decorate cupcakes using icing bags it was always so difficult because it was so messy & difficult. So one thing that I definitely will remember is when you’re using icing bags to wrap the icing in plastic wrap & pull it through the bag. Creating a mess free bag & an easy clean up. This module connected to me personally because baking with my mom is always something i’ve done & something I love to do. So getting to bake with different people using different techniques was really enjoyable for me.

I chose this photo because the day before we made the butter milk biscuits we made quick drop biscuits & they weren’t my favorite. I wasn’t expecting much for the buttermilk biscuits but I was very wrong. We got to make them into strawberry shortcake biscuits & they tasted like no biscuit I’ve ever tasted. It was a sweet biscuit so the real whipping creame & strawberries was awesome.

Since I’m im the same group at last module we work well together & have an understanding on how one another function. I’ve developed fundamental skills from this modual like spooning dry ingredients & always leveling it off with a flat edge to get precise measurements.  Even when a product doesn’t turn out exactly how we were hoping we never get down or give up or just throw it away. We learn from where we messed up & figure it out. Overall this modual was very enjoyable & I’d recommend to anyone wanting to learn how to bake we ranged from easy recipes to challenging ones.

Fruits and Vegetables

Before I started this modual and I didn’t know a lot of things, I didn’t know there were so many different ways to cook vegetables. I’ve never had to use a streamer before and it was actually really neat. Basically a steamer is a big oval pot & you fill that up with like an inch or so if water & then a steaming basket sits on top of it. The steaming basket is a metal basket with holes in it allowing the steam to come through from the water below. You will the basket up with your veggies leaving space between them & put the lid on & let it steam. During this module I was surprised to find out how much i like vinaigrettes over dressings. Vinaigrettes have endless combinations and I really was surprised to see how easy they are to make & how much they can add to any type of salad.

I didn’t manage to get a picture of the chicken broccoli stir fry but this is exactly what it looked like. This was my favourite dish we made this modual. This entire module we worked on different cooking techniques & different wants to prepare veggies & making this stir fry really took all the elements we learned & put it all together. We had to be able to multitask, work with multiple veggies & raw meat at the same time & be able to make our sauce. We had to make sure we knew what we were we doing because when you make a stir fry you have to work fast & there’s no time to stop in the middle & read the instructions. Overall our stir fry turned out very good & I’d definitely make it again.

This module demonstrates teamwork because there were lots of steps to many of these recipes so we had to be able to work together. Also we had to use fundamental skill because communication was a big factor in this module. Like for example when we got to create our own vinaigrette we had to see what everyone liked & what kind of flavours we were willing to try. Same when we made our own salad we got the opportunity to try lots of different types of greens & we needed to talk about the things we were willing to try.  I really enjoyed this modual overall because I honestly liked every dish we created.


Grains, Nuts & Legumes

Before I began this module I had no idea about how to make your own pasta. I didn’t realize the texture and consistency of the dough would be so much different then bread dough or pizza dough. Since you need to develop so much gluten in pasta to allow it to be stretched long and thin you have to knead it many times first then let it rest over night. Kneading pasta dough is pretty difficult it’s very stiff and you have to really work it and it gets tougher as the glutin develops further. After you let it rest over night you get to run it through the pasta machine on the thickest setting until you hear a loud pop. This develops the glutin even further and gets the dough ready to be stretched long and thin. My favourite thing about this module was that we really started making a full meal type of dish. Also we take things from previous modules and add them to the things we are learning about now. The lemon poppy seed muffins is from the contemporary baking but we used chia seeds to incorporate grains,nuts & legumes.

My favourite dish we prepared this module was the yellow chicken curry. I’ve never had curry before and I really enjoy trying new things out of my comfort zone. I was presently surprised by this dish. When you tasted it you were supposed to taste every flavour, spicy, salty, sour & sweet. This dish honestly did hit every flavour, when you take a bite you get spices from the cayenne pepper and all they types of spices, salty from the seasoning done with salt, sour from the lemon juice, and sweet from the coconut infused rice. This dish had specific culinary skills that went with this module because we had a entire unit about rice and how to infuse its flavour which this recipe did. 

This modal demonstrated my teamwork skills because I was with a new group again that I’ve never worked with. It taught me to have patience and understand other people’s learning styles. It demonstrated personal management skills because you have to use skills from previous modules that you’re expected to know how to do by now.


Eggs & Dairy

Before I began the eggs and dairy unit I honestly new nothing about how to cook eggs properly. I know now I’ve been doing it so wrong. I used to completely over cook fried eggs and hard boiled eggs aren’t supposed to have that grey ring around the yolk and I never knew that. I now know that fried eggs are supposed to be a little bit runny and hard boiled eggs are supposed to be soft, very yellow yolks, and slightly runny looking. My favourite thing about this modual was making the omelette. I was very impressed with myself because I got 100% on it. I’ve never made an omelette before let alone do it completely right the first time. I found it very satisfying when you get to fold your omelette in a perfect roll. I never knew how slightly raw and delicate a properly cooked omelette is.

My favourite dish this module was the crème brûlée. When we were making it I didn’t think it would be that good because it just consisted of a lot of cream and egg yolks. So I really didn’t expect a lot from it, I was very wrong. It being a chilled dish made it slightly stiff like pudding in consistency but the caramelized sugar on top made it have a little crunch. It is very sweet and very much a savoury dish. Caramelizing the sugar with a mini torch was really neat to me and something that was really fun to experience.

There was a lot of independent work in the module when you had to figure things out for yourself and know what you’re doing. But when we did work as a team everyone needs a roll and be able to make decisions as one. We demonstrate fundamental skills but applying all the things we learned into our cooking. When we came into a problem we would put our heads together to solve it.  I think demonstrating personal management skills was the most important thing in the modual because like I said it was a lot of independent work. You really needed to be able to rely on yourself to know what you’re doing.

As this was the last modual of Foods10 this course will really change the way I approach food. It has taught me the right way to prepare dishes and to always step out of my comfort zone and try new things.

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