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In October 1940, Alinka and her family, along with all the other Jewish residents of Warsaw, were forced to leave their homes and live in a run-down area of the city. On November 15, walls were built around the ghetto, cutting it off from the rest of the world. Alinka, the daughter of Lilka Cukierman, was five years old when the Germans occupied her city in September 1939. Warsaw was a large, cosmopolitan city, home to Europe’s largest Jewish community. Her grandfather was highly involved in the community. The family lived in an affluent area. Alinka loved to play with her dolls and stuffed animals. Part of a large, loving, highly educated family, Alinka had a comfortable early childhood. She is dead.

Natan, the son of Carola and Israel Abbe, grew up in Lodz, Poland. His father owned a haberdashery store, where he sold hats, gloves, and other accessories. He had two sisters and a younger brother. A large, fairly liberal city, Lodz was home to over 233,000 Jews.Natan was a fifteen year-old schoolboy. Anti-Jewish restrictions were immediately enacted. Jews were forbidden to congregate for religious services, they were subject to curfew, their radios were confiscated, and they were forced to wear the yellow star.

I have learned lots about this project we have been doing in our English and Info class. For example, I have learned that we live in a place where we take life for granted and we have it very easy compared to the people back in the day during the World War II and the Holocaust. Another thing I have learned about this play that it affected people back then and now because we learn about that today and at any given time in could happen to us students and that we should know about the past and apply it to the future and present so it doesn’t happen again. This is important in my life because I do not wanting this kind of situation happening to my family. So I want to make a change to the society and make sure they know that this was a harsh cruel action.



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