My First Few Weeks At EBHS

My first few weeks at Eagle Butte High School have been stressful. It was a shock to actually have to study and do homework to succeed in school. Having to get up early to get on the bus and getting home at four has also, been difficult. I find it challenging to be in a school with this many people, as I came from Parkside Junior High School, which only had two Grade 9 classes, which had about twenty-two students in each class.

I enjoy being in a Psychology class, since Parkside didn’t have electives that were like normal classes and subjects that I enjoyed. I also enjoy Info Pro, as it includes lots of typing. Another thing I like is not having the same people in all of my classes. Every class has different people so you’re not stuck with the same people all day. I hope I’ll successfully go through my three years at Eagle Butte while also having fun.

The World in 25 People: I Am Japan

For this project, I chose to research Japan. I chose Japan because it is home to the Japanese consumer electronics and video game company, Nintendo. Despite doing a whole Social Studies unit on it a few years ago, I nearly know nothing about Japan. I’m interested to learn about this country, as they have quite a different lifestyle than us in North America. I’d like to learn how Japan differs from us. I would also like to know how it differs from China, as many people mix up their traditions, stereotypes, etc..


World Product Research: Cocoa

In Social Studies 10-1 we researched certain products and explored how globalization correlates with the specific product. For my project, I chose to research cocoa. Most cocoa is usually grown on small family farms. They start out as pods, with many beans within them. They are then harvested and undergo a process to prepare them for sale. Harvesting takes plenty of time and effort, as they must do everything precisely to not damage the cocoa beans. They are then shipped to America or Europe to be processed into things such as chocolate bars.

However, with growing demand for chocolate means a growing demand for cocoa. Unfortunately, companies are paying their workers an average of two dollars a day, and have turned to child labour to keep their prices high. It is especially dangerous for children in this environment as workers are typically using machetes to cut product and are spraying toxins without proper protection. They have no safe environment or proper education. There have also been cases where people are being not being paid at all. Consumers can look for the fair trade symbol on their products and research online to avoid contributing.