1C Cartoon Analysis

In Social Studies 10-1, we were given a cartoon to write about. The cartoon shows a girl and boy walking. The boy says, “Really? You don’t look like an Indian.” Meanwhile, there is a thought bubble which shows pictures of the stereotypical Indian’s seen in media. In the cartoon, the author shows that First Nations are misrepresented in the media. The author most likely supports First Nations and hopes that they will soon be properly represented, rather than stereotyped. This relates to our learning in Social Studies about pop-culture. The cartoon shows that pop-culture is misrepresenting¬†First¬†Nations, and possibly other collective groups. It also represents the negative effects of stereotyping.¬†

Is Smart Technology Making Us Dumber?

In Info Pro 10 we were shown a video regarding whether technology was making positively or negatively affecting us. Many good points were shown for each side. Personally, I believe technology is making us smarter rather than dumber. Technology connects everyone around the world and allows us to share our ideas and knowledge. Knowledge has never been passed along faster. However, I also believe that technology is making us lazier, since we have everything at our fingertips, without having to really physically or even mentally work for it. Overall, I think technology will greatly impact society for the better.