Movie Review

In English we are watching the 1996 film ‘Romeo + Juliet’, which is a modern-version of Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’, so we can compare the two. I find the movie painful to watch, as it screams the 90’s, and desperately tries to insert un-needed drama. It also changes the play to make the movie funny. The movie has many small differences compared to the play, but the main plot is there. It also uses the same lines from the play, which is somewhat confusing as the movie is supposed to be set in the modern day. I am looking forward to finishing the movie and would rate it a two out of ten.

Wikipedia In The Classroom

Should students be allowed to use Wikipedia for research? Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia which allows users to freely share and edit information. Therefore, anyone can edit information, which makes it sometimes unreliable. It is easy to make information look as though it was submitted by a professional, but is really just someone uneducated on the Internet. Or, someone who has the wrong facts. I believe that students should be allowed to use Wikipedia, but they should check other sources before using the information in an assignment or project. Information can easily be altered on Wikipedia, so you shouldn’t trust the articles completely.