The Rwandan Genocide

‘Hotel Rwanda’, the movie we recently watched in Social 10-1 as part of our Africa unit, taught me a great amount about Africa and the Rwandan Genocide. In the 1990’s over 70,000 African people were killed in the Rwandan Genocide by the Hutu, simply because they were Tutsi. Their homes were invaded, their children were killed, and they were mercilessly shot down by Hutus army. These killings first began when Hutu President Habyabrimana’s plane was shot down, many blaming the Tutsi. Hutu armies, as well as Hutu civilians began killing any Tutsi they could. They especially targeted helpless children, as they believed they were wiping out the next generation of Tutsi. There was extreme outrage, bodies littered the streets, as Hutus would fire shots into the crowds of people seeking refuge. The United Nations avoided intervening, but also brought some trucks in to help Tutsi people escape. However, these trucks were viciously attacked. During this time, many children lost their families, eventually just being grouped in with the rest of orphaned children. The Rwandan Genocide was truly a horrible time that will affect Africa forever.

Imperialism, the act of taking over a place that isn’t your own, was a huge force in the Rwandan Genocide, as it was initially started when Africa became independent from Belgium. Once they were no longer under Belgium’s control tension arose between the Hutu and Tutsi over who would run the newly independent country. Imperialism was also a force in the Hutu attempting to take over the Tutsi as they thought they were superior. The Hutu believed they had the right to violently kill the Tutsi and take control of Rwanda.

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