Society’s Responsibilities

In current day the legacies of historical globalization weigh heavily on those who are negatively affected. However, many argue over who should be held responsible. I personally believe that today’s society should only have some responsibility for negative legacies caused from the past. I think this because the people in society didn’t directly cause the problem, but our ancestors or cultural group did. Therefore, we should apologize to the survivors on the behalf of our ancestors or cultural group. 

For example, today in Canada we still continue to apologize to residential school survivors for the horrible things they went through when our ancestors forced them into schools. However, the people apologizing weren’t directly responsible for the pain and suffering they went through, but apologized to the survivors to give them closure and build better relationships. I believe we’ve done enough for the remaining survivors and that we no longer have a responsibility to deal with them. 

Another example would be with the Japanese Internment, which we learned briefly about earlier in the unit. The Japanese Canadians who were previously accused of going against Canada and put in camps were later paid $21,000 each. Therefore, the government spent 378,000,000 on paying back the Japanese Canadians. In my opinion, this is a little extreme. I believe the current government should help rebuild the community and encourage cultural revitalization, but shouldn’t be paying that much. That money is Canada’s tax dollars and wasn’t mutually decided. Overall, the government should aid in rebuilding the community, but shouldn’t be sacrificing ourselves. 

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