Talon Proud

I am proud of my school because of it’s school spirit. The students at Eagle Butte Highschool have lots of school spirit and support the school. The cross-country team also has a lot of support and succeeds well in marathons. Lastly, they do small things like caroling before Christmas.

Movie Review

In English we are watching the 1996 film ‘Romeo + Juliet’, which is a modern-version of Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’, so we can compare the two. I find the movie painful to watch, as it screams the 90’s, and desperately tries to insert un-needed drama. It also changes the play to make the movie funny. The movie has many small differences compared to the play, but the main plot is there. It also uses the same lines from the play, which is somewhat confusing as the movie is supposed to be set in the modern day. I am looking forward to finishing the movie and would rate it a two out of ten.

Wikipedia In The Classroom

Should students be allowed to use Wikipedia for research? Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia which allows users to freely share and edit information. Therefore, anyone can edit information, which makes it sometimes unreliable. It is easy to make information look as though it was submitted by a professional, but is really just someone uneducated on the Internet. Or, someone who has the wrong facts. I believe that students should be allowed to use Wikipedia, but they should check other sources before using the information in an assignment or project. Information can easily be altered on Wikipedia, so you shouldn’t trust the articles completely.

Pet Peeves

I hate many things, but don’t have many pet peeves. One of my pet peeves is when people walk slow or stop to talk to their friends in the hallway because then there is a whole crowd of people in the hallway, waiting for one or two people to move. Another pet peeve I have is when people let their dogs and cats roam free around the neighborhood. It is dangerous for the pets and they could get killed or stolen. Also, I hate when people in Canada wear clothes that have the American flag on it, because they shouldn’t be wearing any sort of flags at all and if they do it should be the Canadian flag. Another pet peeve I have is when people invade my personal space or are too clingy. My greatest pet peeve is when people make fun of others because of what they like. If the person is not harming anyone, or the thing they like is harming anyone, then leave them alone because it makes them happy.

My Time At Eagle Butte So Far

My time at Eagle Butte so far has been roughly what I expected. It has been less stressful as I am getting used to the homework and people. I still really enjoy Psychology, as it is a subject I actually want to learn. It’s an easy and laid back class, which I believe I strive under. You really just learn at your own pace without getting tests and homework every other day. I still like Info Pro, because it involved typing and working with computers. However, I find that it is quite boring. I’ve also met and became friends with many more people, although I have a hard time remembering people’s names. I don’t enjoy English. Social is good because it is fun but we are still learning.

Is Smart Technology Making Us Dumber?

In Info Pro 10 we were shown a video regarding whether technology was making positively or negatively affecting us. Many good points were shown for each side. Personally, I believe technology is making us smarter rather than dumber. Technology connects everyone around the world and allows us to share our ideas and knowledge. Knowledge has never been passed along faster. However, I also believe that technology is making us lazier, since we have everything at our fingertips, without having to really physically or even mentally work for it. Overall, I think technology will greatly impact society for the better.

A Day Made of Glass

In Info Pro 10 we watched ‘A Day Made of Glass’ which shows the possible future of technology. I believe that technology like this could greatly benefit us, but I also believe it has many problems. This technology could help a tremendous amount when it comes to health. People working in the medical field would be able to help patients quicker and quite possibly find other techniques which are safer and more efficient. It could also change education and the way we learn. If this technology was in the school’s teachers could find better ways to teach the students, especially ones who work better with visual examples. Also shown in the video, it can help businesses. Businesses can become more efficient with the technology. However, integrating all this technology in our lives could negatively impact the way we interact with others. People will be too invested in technology to look up and live in the real world. The production of the technology could also damage the environment and rapidly cause earth’s downfall. I believe having this technology in the medical field and education would benefit the world greatly, but keeping it out of everyday life in households

My First Few Weeks At EBHS

My first few weeks at Eagle Butte High School have been stressful. It was a shock to actually have to study and do homework to succeed in school. Having to get up early to get on the bus and getting home at four has also, been difficult. I find it challenging to be in a school with this many people, as I came from Parkside Junior High School, which only had two Grade 9 classes, which had about twenty-two students in each class.

I enjoy being in a Psychology class, since Parkside didn’t have electives that were like normal classes and subjects that I enjoyed. I also enjoy Info Pro, as it includes lots of typing. Another thing I like is not having the same people in all of my classes. Every class has different people so you’re not stuck with the same people all day. I hope I’ll successfully go through my three years at Eagle Butte while also having fun.