Anonymity on the Internet

Anonymity, the condition of being anonymous, is very important when you’re on the Internet. It protects your identity and prevents people from finding your personal information, which they could use to make contact with you in the real world. However, anonymity on the Internet can also be dangerous because people can pretend to be someone they are not and communicate with others. It’s extremely important to be careful of who you talk to on the Internet and keeping your identity and personal information safe.

Animal Testing Reflection

I believe animal testing in psychology should not be continued if it is harming the animal because they did nothing to deserve the pain and can’t consent. They especially shouldn’t be used in experiments if they are baby animals, like the monkeys in Harry Harlow’s experiment. The monkeys in his experiment were just little and were being mentally harmed and starved. Another reason would be the animal testing is unreliable, as their cells and DNA are too different from ours.

Family Holiday Traditions

For Christmas, we mainly follow many standard traditions, but also have unique traditions we do every Christmas. Every year my uncle’s family, my grandma, and my family stay at someones house, which switches every year. On Christmas Eve we usually play cards and watch movies. On Christmas day we get up early and open stockings. Then, we open our presents. The kids get presents from everyone, but each year the parents buy for one other adult. That day, we watch movies and then have Christmas supper. We also play lots of card games on Christmas, too. This Christmas will be a little different, since we are having my grandma’s friend over on Christmas day and my Uncle’s family aren’t going to be there on Christmas day.

Impacts of Digital Technology

As citizens in a first world country I believe we are unaware of how privileged we are to have easy access to the Internet. In Social, we recently learned about e-waste, which is discarded electronics. They are typically shipped to less-wealthy countries to be torn apart for the metals. We specifically learned about Coltan miners. Coltan is a metal used in almost every electronic. People in third world countries risk their lives and suffer to retrieve these metals from the devices. Almost every step of collecting these metals is completely unsafe. There is also a disturbing amount of child-labour in these countries, as these workers are being paid nearly nothing and still need to support their families. I hope that people can look deeper into this and spread the information about it with the world.

1C Cartoon Analysis

In Social Studies 10-1, we were given a cartoon to write about. The cartoon shows a girl and boy walking. The boy says, “Really? You don’t look like an Indian.” Meanwhile, there is a thought bubble which shows pictures of the stereotypical Indian’s seen in media. In the cartoon, the author shows that First Nations are misrepresented in the media. The author most likely supports First Nations and hopes that they will soon be properly represented, rather than stereotyped. This relates to our learning in Social Studies about pop-culture. The cartoon shows that pop-culture is misrepresenting First Nations, and possibly other collective groups. It also represents the negative effects of stereotyping.