Should I Bother?

Despite the creation of the UN Rights of the Child millions of children remain in severe poverty, as well as child labour. These children go to work to barely make enough to survive. At the workplace, they are forced to work in dangerous conditions and are badly punished for mistakes. Some children also are sold by their parents in exchange for money.
In Uganda, thousands of children are abducted and tortured. Many were left behind as their parents died during the AIDS epidemic and no longer have a proper shelter and sustainable food. However, not many people are aware of the situation or simply choose to ignore it. This disappoints me greatly as here there is many countries who live in wealth and greed. They should be focusing on these countries and providing assistance, especially to the children. Countries could go in and build safe buildings for children that fulfill all their needs, with caretakers. They could also rescue the children that have been abducted.
Things such as volunteering can help the world greatly. Volunteering benefits the cause greatly and can prevent future problems. The volunteers are given the opportunity to see other situations, make a difference, and be part of a success. I really hope the world can change and children will be more protected in the future.

Psychology Junior Kindergarten Project

In Psychology we went to I.F. Cox and did activites with junior kindergarten students to learn about child development. For our activity, we decided to make ‘puff paint’. We used shaving cream and glue to make the paint, as well as the coloured dye the kid wanted. We mixed them up in large Ziploc bags, which the kids quite enjoyed. Then, when mixed well, we used popsicle sticks to paint pictures on paper. We covered the table with garbage bags to ensure the table wasn’t painted on.

Lucas was very shy when we first started the activity and didn’t even want to sit with us. We learned about this in Psychology, it’s called stranger anxiety. After seeing us mix up the paint for our activity he became more comfortable and eventually sat with us without  Mr. Nixdorf. He loves the movie Cars and has Lightning McQueen shoes, which he believed made him run faster. His favourite colour was red, since it’s Lightning McQueen’s colour. Lucas told us he wanted to be Iron Man when he is older and that he had two brothers, one younger and one older. He also told us that McDonald’s chicken nuggets was his favourite food. He enjoyed our activity, but preferred mixing the paint rather than doing the painting itself.

Rylee was outgoing and really enjoyed our activity, but was a master at avoiding questions. He was comfortable right away and introduced himself. We learned he liked superhero’s, and his favourite superhero was The Hulk. His favourite colour was also red. With the paint, he drew vehicles and letters.

Lucas and Rylee enjoyed the activity. They both mainly drew their names in the paint, or even just random letters. Rylee also drew a car and a monster. Both Lucas and Rylee took interest in mixing the paint in the Ziploc bags, especially Lucas. He mixed about three bags of paint. Rylee enjoyed painting more. Both kids were clearly happy doing the activity.

We think our activity was successful, as we and the kids really liked it. We didn’t end up doing our backup activities, which was keep the balloon up and Simon Says. This showed us that the activity took up time, but was still fun. Overall, we enjoyed the experience of learning about the junior kindergartens students. With Lucas, we saw an example of stranger anxiety first-hand. We think future Psychology classes should do this activity.

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