My First Few Weeks At EBHS

My first few weeks at Eagle Butte High School have been stressful. It was a shock to actually have to study and do homework to succeed in school. Having to get up early to get on the bus and getting home at four has also, been difficult. I find it challenging to be in a school with this many people, as I came from Parkside Junior High School, which only had two Grade 9 classes, which had about twenty-two students in each class.

I enjoy being in a Psychology class, since Parkside didn’t have electives that were like normal classes and subjects that I enjoyed. I also enjoy Info Pro, as it includes lots of typing. Another thing I like is not having the same people in all of my classes. Every class has different people so you’re not stuck with the same people all day. I hope I’ll successfully go through my three years at Eagle Butte while also having fun.