Wikipedia In The Classroom

Should students be allowed to use Wikipedia for research? Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia which allows users to freely share and edit information. Therefore, anyone can edit information, which makes it sometimes unreliable. It is easy to make information look as though it was submitted by a professional, but is really just someone uneducated on the Internet. Or, someone who has the wrong facts. I believe that students should be allowed to use Wikipedia, but they should check other sources before using the information in an assignment or project. Information can easily be altered on Wikipedia, so you shouldn’t trust the articles completely.

Pet Peeves

I hate many things, but don’t have many pet peeves. One of my pet peeves is when people walk slow or stop to talk to their friends in the hallway because then there is a whole crowd of people in the hallway, waiting for one or two people to move. Another pet peeve I have is when people let their dogs and cats roam free around the neighborhood. It is dangerous for the pets and they could get killed or stolen. Also, I hate when people in Canada wear clothes that have the American flag on it, because they shouldn’t be wearing any sort of flags at all and if they do it should be the Canadian flag. Another pet peeve I have is when people invade my personal space or are too clingy. My greatest pet peeve is when people make fun of others because of what they like. If the person is not harming anyone, or the thing they like is harming anyone, then leave them alone because it makes them happy.

My Time At Eagle Butte So Far

My time at Eagle Butte so far has been roughly what I expected. It has been less stressful as I am getting used to the homework and people. I still really enjoy Psychology, as it is a subject I actually want to learn. It’s an easy and laid back class, which I believe I strive under. You really just learn at your own pace without getting tests and homework every other day. I still like Info Pro, because it involved typing and working with computers. However, I find that it is quite boring. I’ve also met and became friends with many more people, although I have a hard time remembering people’s names. I don’t enjoy English. Social is good because it is fun but we are still learning.