Is Smart Technology Making Us Dumber?

In Info Pro 10 we were shown a video regarding whether technology was making positively or negatively affecting us. Many good points were shown for each side. Personally, I believe technology is making us smarter rather than dumber. Technology connects everyone around the world and allows us to share our ideas and knowledge. Knowledge has never been passed along faster. However, I also believe that technology is making us lazier, since we have everything at our fingertips, without having to really physically or even mentally work for it. Overall, I think technology will greatly impact society for the better.

A Day Made of Glass

In Info Pro 10 we watched ‘A Day Made of Glass’ which shows the possible future of technology. I believe that technology like this could greatly benefit us, but I also believe it has many problems. This technology could help a tremendous amount when it comes to health. People working in the medical field would be able to help patients quicker and quite possibly find other techniques which are safer and more efficient. It could also change education and the way we learn. If this technology was in the school’s teachers could find better ways to teach the students, especially ones who work better with visual examples. Also shown in the video, it can help businesses. Businesses can become more efficient with the technology. However, integrating all this technology in our lives could negatively impact the way we interact with others. People will be too invested in technology to look up and live in the real world. The production of the technology could also damage the environment and rapidly cause earth’s downfall. I believe having this technology in the medical field and education would benefit the world greatly, but keeping it out of everyday life in households