Should I Bother?

Despite the creation of the UN Rights of the Child millions of children remain in severe poverty, as well as child labour. These children go to work to barely make enough to survive. At the workplace, they are forced to work in dangerous conditions and are badly punished for mistakes. Some children also are sold by their parents in exchange for money.
In Uganda, thousands of children are abducted and tortured. Many were left behind as their parents died during the AIDS epidemic and no longer have a proper shelter and sustainable food. However, not many people are aware of the situation or simply choose to ignore it. This disappoints me greatly as here there is many countries who live in wealth and greed. They should be focusing on these countries and providing assistance, especially to the children. Countries could go in and build safe buildings for children that fulfill all their needs, with caretakers. They could also rescue the children that have been abducted.
Things such as volunteering can help the world greatly. Volunteering benefits the cause greatly and can prevent future problems. The volunteers are given the opportunity to see other situations, make a difference, and be part of a success. I really hope the world can change and children will be more protected in the future.