Someone I Admire

Someone I admire is my Father. He is the most hard working down to earth person I know. He would do anything for his family and isn’t jealous about anything. He works in another province and we might be able to see him a once a week. He is humble and is always looking to give me advise. He taught me how to play hockey and was my biggest fan or wouldn’t miss a game is he could. He took me hunting when I could follow him around and I’m super grateful that he did. Without my dad i wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Languages of Saudi Arabia

It’s pretty easy to guess the official language of Saudi Arabia. It’s Arabic. Over 90% of the country speaks some sort of Arabic. Other than that it’s smaller languages from other countries. 41% of the people living in Saudi Arabia can understand and speak a little bit of English. Their isn’t any endangered or extinct languages in this country. The Arabic alphabet has 28 letters. Arabic is the 5th most common language in the world. Also the history of Arabic literature goes back to the 16th century.

World in 25 People: Saudi Arabia

The country i chose is Saudi Arabia. I don’t a whole lot about this country other than it is one of the largest oil exporters in the world. I know that East Indians are the ones that mostly live there. I would like to learn how the quality of life is there. Cause other middle east countries are third world countries, but this one isn’t. I would also like to learn about the culture and about the history of the country.

My First Few Weeks of High School

My Eagle Butte experience so far is pretty good so far. I wasn’t nervous coming here I was more excited. I just about learned the majority of names and everyone seems pretty chill. I have made new friends and get along with everyone and I can’t wait for baseball season. My classes are all fine right now, all teachers are all alright. I enjoy how the teachers encourage you to do your best at all times. I like how my schedule is set up it keeps me busy. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to balance school, work, and sports but it’s easier than I thought. Only thing I dislike here is how crowded the hallways are. In Parkside I was on the other side of the school for the most part and it wasn’t as full. People can get really aggressive and shove you. I like how the classes are 75 minutes it has it so the teacher is able to teach a lot in a class.

World in 25 People: Interesting Facts Saudi Arabia

I learned a lot about Saudi Arabia. They are a obese country, 19th in the world. The official language is Arabic and the religion is Sunni. 83.13% of people live in urban areas. Saudi Arabia exports 90% oil in their country. They are the 4th largest spending country on their military. Also 73% of people have internet. I’ve learned that this Canada is super similar to Canada in that it relies on oil and is a first world country.

World Product Research: Coffee

Recently I researched the production of coffee beans and how fair trade has impacted them. The coffee industry is worth over 60 billion dollars. Coffee is the top ex-sport for 12 companies, 25 million small producers rely on coffee for a living world wide. Americans drink on average of 400 million cups of coffee every day. Equador continues to be down 50% from high reached in the late 1980’s which is do to the unpredictable weather and climate change. Coffee plantations have a huge effect on the environment. Fertilizer is used which eliminates the diversity of plants which support a bunch of insects and animals. 2.5 million acres of forest have been cleared in C.A. discharges from the processing plants represent a major source of river pollution. Soil quality is affected, the elimination of shade cover and higher rates of erosion. The worst part of all is how the workers are treated. They work 6 days a week 12-16 hours days. Also they have to pick 100-pound quota for a wage less than 3 dollars a day. Many times they cook, wash and bathe from the same water.

With all these terrible things do come some good. Fair trade has made it so small farmers growing coffee the natural way in the shades of trees (which eliminates deforestation) make a living. They pay them over double the normal guys and get ride of the middle man. Also when they grow coffee the natural way all the original snakes and spiders and the top soil is protected. I’ve learned that we should support Fair Trade so coffee isn’t wrecking third world countries.