1C- Inpacts of Digital Technology

We learned that all of us as consumers don’t see the destruction that we are creating. The technology we use in our everyday lives comes with a huge price of smaller third world countries. Coltan is a metal used in just about every smart device out there, and to get it is to mine by hand. The miners are treating terribly and usually work got food and not money. They are in small tunnels being threatened by the army with guns. Many people are killed every day. We see it as the latest device, but don’t see that we throw away our old one. The waste is sent illegally to Pakistan where people will scavenge for parts worth a little cash. There isn’t any safety for getting the scraps so they do so anyway they want which is mostly dangerous. A huge part of this happening is transnational companies, they are exploiting smaller countries. I hate how they do this to only make a profit and not a difference for the world. Marginalization is happening to the fact that we are throwing our trash at these places and not thinking twice of what’s happening. Social media can play a role here with everyone wanting the newest best item to have. Then proceeding to throw out the old and it not be disposed of properly. I personally would like to see a change with how people don’t use things until there unusable. It would have the waste go down and less need for coltan.

My Time at Eagle Butte so Far

My time at eagle butte so far has been decent. I didn’t have high  expectations coming here cause I have an older sister who attends this school. I thought is was going to be harder but the classes are still pretty easy. The reality of it is that high school isn’t to much different from junior high.

1C Cartoon analysis

This picture is full of stereotypes. The concept that is in here is marginalization. The author is with full support of this. They show some racism in the sketch. The author uses hyperbole by over exggerates what the kid thinks a Indian is. He only thinks that Indians look like in movies or shows or sports teams. Overall the kid is being racist and should learn more about First Nation culture.

The big R in my symbol is for my hockey team the Redcliff Grizzlies. The deer is the browning symbol, it represents my love for the outdoors. The cross going through the middle is for my religion and my love for Jesus. The most important to is the cross I tried to make it stick out my putting it across the entire symbol. The next would be the browning symbol and I coloured it orange because we wear that hunting. Lastly would be the R I put it as the outline cause it’s the least important.

A Day Made Of Glass

The videos seemed a little to far out of reach. To have an Ipad like item that is as thin as paper doesn’t seem possible. Everything has a screen, some of where the screens were seemed pointless. Who needs to be brushing there teeth and searching the web. I don’t think that it will be as popular as it is in the video. Your not going to a park and have the place destroyed with these technologies. It does seem perfect for the medical field though. Being able to do a virtual surgery has it so there is little to no risk. This product would most likely be a ton of money. They would have a monopoly in their field and would jack the price and people would buy no matter what it is. The technology in the car would be scary because their would be a lot of people distracted. The swiping stuff from screen to screen would be very useful fro sharing ideas with others. I don’t think that it will evolve into what they have it like in the videos.