A Day Made Of Glass

The videos seemed a little to far out of reach. To have an Ipad like item that is as thin as paper doesn’t seem possible. Everything has a screen, some of where the screens were seemed pointless. Who needs to be brushing there teeth and searching the web. I don’t think that it will be as popular as it is in the video. Your not going to a park and have the place destroyed with these technologies. It does seem perfect for the medical field though. Being able to do a virtual surgery has it so there is little to no risk. This product would most likely be a ton of money. They would have a monopoly in their field and would jack the priceĀ and people would buy no matter what it is. The technology in the car would be scary because their would be a lot of people distracted. The swiping stuff from screen to screen would be very useful fro sharing ideas with others. I don’t think that it will evolve into what they have it like in the videos.

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