Research: Historic Globalization in Saudi Arabia

There was never a colonial power in Saudi Arabia cause at the time they were a strong area of religion. It wasn’t a country but a area controlled by a couple of kings that defended there selves. European country should stayed away from the Middle East because of the Muslim religion and that there wasn’t much for resources to take from them. The modern state was founded in 1932 by Muhammad ibn saud. After a 30 year campaign trying to unit the Arabian Peninsula. 

My nation was affected by European country’s but has been my the introduction of the internet and by globalization. They weren’t really influenced by western country’s until 30 years ago and made huge strides in advancement in technology and industrialization. The indigenous people to the land are the ones who created the country. Around 95% of them speak arabic. They didnt have indigenous people since they weren’t colonized by European country’s and no tribes were living there before. The traditional way of life is still practice there by the entire country. They are super strict on what happens and even have a “religion police”. There country is still in segregation where the men are still consider way more powerful and important than the women. The women must cover themselves head to toe in clothing and never look into the eyes of a men without permission. If they break the rules and are arrested they can be punished to death very easily. With the internet they have been able to become similar to western country’s and have same ideas that we have. It’s huge in consumerism over there and having the best and most expensive product. They actually have a good quality of life and have a very similar working conditions like we do. Most women don’t work over there and stay home with children. Their government is a monarch similar to Britain where it stays in the royal family.

There are major differences from the country’s we have learned about before. They were able to fight back against the European country’s and didn’t have the resources that they wanted. They were able to make enough food for their kingdoms and nothing for the Europeans. Right now they are one of the worlds richest countries money wise. 90% of their exports is oil. Most owners are princes and they’ll have personal armies protecting them. In the future Saudi Arabia will most likely come out as a power house.

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