Rwandan Genocide

This happened back in around the early 1900’s. Rwandan is a smaller country just outside of the Congo in Africa. What happened was there were two social groups of people, the Hut, which was the majority of people were poor. Then the other group was the Tutsi, they were higher class, but there were many less people. The Belgium government left the country to govern themselves and the Hutu had the popular vote so their president was the one in power. The Tutsi were upset and murder him which started the war. Around a million Tutsi were slaughtered.

Some examples that helped fuel the genocide were, the people there for the most part were very uneducated. The Belgium’s had the Hutu working pretty much as slaves so they didn’t know how to react when this happened so they resorted to violence. Another is since the Tutsi were the richer people on the social ladder they wanted to run the country even though they weren’t the popular vote. It comes back to not having a good education and they killed the president. Another is if you were lighter skin colour they would make you a Tutsi because they were considered to be closer to the Europeans. Capitalism can easily fall under the fact that the Tutsi had more money and wanted to be more powerful than the Hutu, but since they were only 15% of the population they didn’t have the majority government. They used guns which were an European advancement in the war and other military weapons to make quick work of the Tutsi people.

I feel terrible to an event like this happening. It’s crazy to think people would get this upset to slaughter an entire culture who were very similar to them. This is just as bad as WWII in a sense of them wanting to murder an entire group of people. I feel like it is kinda like today in a sense that we see fighting in the middle east and shrug it off. Most people looked at this small country in Africa and saw the dirt on their boots to be more important. Some European or stronger African nation should’ve stepped in and gave support to the Tutsi. I say this because it shouldn’t matter who you are a war where you are greatly out numbered and being slaughtered in the hundred of thousands is crazy.

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