Legacies of indigenous people in Canada

The contemporary society did play a role for how the First Nations are today, but they made most of their mistakes themselves. We have done enough already for what happened in the past it’s that they keep milking the situation to get more out of it. It doesn’t make sense that they want to live like their ancestors but still want more special rights and money. When their ancestors didn’t have any of thoses. This has been resolved on a global scale but yet they still complain on what happened. They need to understand the past can’t be changed and live how people do in the 21st century. If we use the residential schools for example, kids were took away and the parents had to “drown” the thought of their kids. When the kids got back the parents still continued to drink. Today the stats are that 70% of adults drink but do consume heavily more than the general population. The bigger problem is that on the reserves it is that 30% of adults and 40% of teens use cannabis. They don’t have to pay taxes and live off of well fair and continue to drink and have their kids in foster homes. In 2011 over half of the children in fosters homes in Canada were First Nations. This could’ve changed if those first parents stopped drinking when the kids came back from the schools at 16. Yet we give them more money in redress for them to spend on most likely on harmful substances.

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