Talon Pride

I like the school Eagle Butte because it is fun. During a week before Christmas we would have some teachers and kids come to school early to play Christmas carols. Also our school teams do well and are supported by the school. Our cross country team had lots of members and our girls volleyball team won cities and went to provincials. We do lots of school events where tags will be competing against each other. All the teachers here are very encouraging and help us all to do our best. That is why i am proud to go to EBHS.

Should I Bother?

It seems unrealistic for what is happening in Africa to this very day. The amount of violence and chaos is so similar to the World Wars that occurred, but for some reason it flies under the radar of most. For me it is unbearable to watch these videos and hear about the hardships of what they went through as children just unlucky enough to be born with the situation they are given. What is happening is a man by the name of Joseph Kony he controls a child army in Uganda and now many parts of the Congo. What they do is abduct children in the night and brainwash them into soldiers to fight against the governments and other armies. The girls are used as sex slaves and porters and are slaughtered once they are of no use. The children flee to cities that are protected by the U.N. and pile onto each other in shelters to sleep. Most are lucky to eat once a day and are becoming violent by themselves without parents to raise them. They are orphans because of the AIDS epidemic that occurred, then Kony swooped in and took advantage of over 50,000 children that are on record, never mind that this number is probably ten times higher. As Canadians we are able to help and put an end to this injustice. We have the power to donate extra change and be able to go over there on missions and help rebuild what has been destroyed. It doesn’t matter if you are part of a group or not anyone is able to speak their voice and become a part of the movement to help make a difference. So I came across of a huge movement that already happened a couple of years ago called Kony 2012. I kind of remember this happened but I didn’t even fully understand of it at the time, which is disappointing to me right now. They made a short film that now on YouTube has over 100 million views. Basically the videos we watched that same person who created it was getting the word out over 11 years. It finally happened when his short film went viral and he got the attention of huge stars and political leaders in the USA. The harsh reality of all this is that all these efforts are very minimal to what has been done. They have been able to set camps and courses for the kids who want to join back into society who once were part of Kony. The USA claims it isn’t in their “best interest” for economic reasons probably cause they can’t exploit them for oil like the middle east. Also after watching more videos on what is happened there are three huge militia groups in a very small part of the Congo two being from Rwanda and the U.N. in a way is the babysitter watching over them so no huge war breaks out but small very organized battles happened everyday. It is tough to say but the government over there is only letting us know what we want but not what we need. They will always hide the violence because they are only figureheads for certainĀ  groups and there is a long road to peace for them.