Should I Bother?

It seems unrealistic for what is happening in Africa to this very day. The amount of violence and chaos is so similar to the World Wars that occurred, but for some reason it flies under the radar of most. For me it is unbearable to watch these videos and hear about the hardships of what they went through as children just unlucky enough to be born with the situation they are given. What is happening is a man by the name of Joseph Kony he controls a child army in Uganda and now many parts of the Congo. What they do is abduct children in the night and brainwash them into soldiers to fight against the governments and other armies. The girls are used as sex slaves and porters and are slaughtered once they are of no use. The children flee to cities that are protected by the U.N. and pile onto each other in shelters to sleep. Most are lucky to eat once a day and are becoming violent by themselves without parents to raise them. They are orphans because of the AIDS epidemic that occurred, then Kony swooped in and took advantage of over 50,000 children that are on record, never mind that this number is probably ten times higher. As Canadians we are able to help and put an end to this injustice. We have the power to donate extra change and be able to go over there on missions and help rebuild what has been destroyed. It doesn’t matter if you are part of a group or not anyone is able to speak their voice and become a part of the movement to help make a difference. So I came across of a huge movement that already happened a couple of years ago called Kony 2012. I kind of remember this happened but I didn’t even fully understand of it at the time, which is disappointing to me right now. They made a short film that now on YouTube has over 100 million views. Basically the videos we watched that same person who created it was getting the word out over 11 years. It finally happened when his short film went viral and he got the attention of huge stars and political leaders in the USA. The harsh reality of all this is that all these efforts are very minimal to what has been done. They have been able to set camps and courses for the kids who want to join back into society who once were part of Kony. The USA claims it isn’t in their “best interest” for economic reasons probably cause they can’t exploit them for oil like the middle east. Also after watching more videos on what is happened there are three huge militia groups in a very small part of the Congo two being from Rwanda and the U.N. in a way is the babysitter watching over them so no huge war breaks out but small very organized battles happened everyday. It is tough to say but the government over there is only letting us know what we want but not what we need. They will always hide the violence because they are only figureheads for certain  groups and there is a long road to peace for them.

Legacies of indigenous people in Canada

The contemporary society did play a role for how the First Nations are today, but they made most of their mistakes themselves. We have done enough already for what happened in the past it’s that they keep milking the situation to get more out of it. It doesn’t make sense that they want to live like their ancestors but still want more special rights and money. When their ancestors didn’t have any of thoses. This has been resolved on a global scale but yet they still complain on what happened. They need to understand the past can’t be changed and live how people do in the 21st century. If we use the residential schools for example, kids were took away and the parents had to “drown” the thought of their kids. When the kids got back the parents still continued to drink. Today the stats are that 70% of adults drink but do consume heavily more than the general population. The bigger problem is that on the reserves it is that 30% of adults and 40% of teens use cannabis. They don’t have to pay taxes and live off of well fair and continue to drink and have their kids in foster homes. In 2011 over half of the children in fosters homes in Canada were First Nations. This could’ve changed if those first parents stopped drinking when the kids came back from the schools at 16. Yet we give them more money in redress for them to spend on most likely on harmful substances.

Rwandan Genocide

This happened back in around the early 1900’s. Rwandan is a smaller country just outside of the Congo in Africa. What happened was there were two social groups of people, the Hut, which was the majority of people were poor. Then the other group was the Tutsi, they were higher class, but there were many less people. The Belgium government left the country to govern themselves and the Hutu had the popular vote so their president was the one in power. The Tutsi were upset and murder him which started the war. Around a million Tutsi were slaughtered.

Some examples that helped fuel the genocide were, the people there for the most part were very uneducated. The Belgium’s had the Hutu working pretty much as slaves so they didn’t know how to react when this happened so they resorted to violence. Another is since the Tutsi were the richer people on the social ladder they wanted to run the country even though they weren’t the popular vote. It comes back to not having a good education and they killed the president. Another is if you were lighter skin colour they would make you a Tutsi because they were considered to be closer to the Europeans. Capitalism can easily fall under the fact that the Tutsi had more money and wanted to be more powerful than the Hutu, but since they were only 15% of the population they didn’t have the majority government. They used guns which were an European advancement in the war and other military weapons to make quick work of the Tutsi people.

I feel terrible to an event like this happening. It’s crazy to think people would get this upset to slaughter an entire culture who were very similar to them. This is just as bad as WWII in a sense of them wanting to murder an entire group of people. I feel like it is kinda like today in a sense that we see fighting in the middle east and shrug it off. Most people looked at this small country in Africa and saw the dirt on their boots to be more important. Some European or stronger African nation should’ve stepped in and gave support to the Tutsi. I say this because it shouldn’t matter who you are a war where you are greatly out numbered and being slaughtered in the hundred of thousands is crazy.

Research: Historic Globalization in Saudi Arabia

There was never a colonial power in Saudi Arabia cause at the time they were a strong area of religion. It wasn’t a country but a area controlled by a couple of kings that defended there selves. European country should stayed away from the Middle East because of the Muslim religion and that there wasn’t much for resources to take from them. The modern state was founded in 1932 by Muhammad ibn saud. After a 30 year campaign trying to unit the Arabian Peninsula. 

My nation was affected by European country’s but has been my the introduction of the internet and by globalization. They weren’t really influenced by western country’s until 30 years ago and made huge strides in advancement in technology and industrialization. The indigenous people to the land are the ones who created the country. Around 95% of them speak arabic. They didnt have indigenous people since they weren’t colonized by European country’s and no tribes were living there before. The traditional way of life is still practice there by the entire country. They are super strict on what happens and even have a “religion police”. There country is still in segregation where the men are still consider way more powerful and important than the women. The women must cover themselves head to toe in clothing and never look into the eyes of a men without permission. If they break the rules and are arrested they can be punished to death very easily. With the internet they have been able to become similar to western country’s and have same ideas that we have. It’s huge in consumerism over there and having the best and most expensive product. They actually have a good quality of life and have a very similar working conditions like we do. Most women don’t work over there and stay home with children. Their government is a monarch similar to Britain where it stays in the royal family.

There are major differences from the country’s we have learned about before. They were able to fight back against the European country’s and didn’t have the resources that they wanted. They were able to make enough food for their kingdoms and nothing for the Europeans. Right now they are one of the worlds richest countries money wise. 90% of their exports is oil. Most owners are princes and they’ll have personal armies protecting them. In the future Saudi Arabia will most likely come out as a power house.

1C- Inpacts of Digital Technology

We learned that all of us as consumers don’t see the destruction that we are creating. The technology we use in our everyday lives comes with a huge price of smaller third world countries. Coltan is a metal used in just about every smart device out there, and to get it is to mine by hand. The miners are treating terribly and usually work got food and not money. They are in small tunnels being threatened by the army with guns. Many people are killed every day. We see it as the latest device, but don’t see that we throw away our old one. The waste is sent illegally to Pakistan where people will scavenge for parts worth a little cash. There isn’t any safety for getting the scraps so they do so anyway they want which is mostly dangerous. A huge part of this happening is transnational companies, they are exploiting smaller countries. I hate how they do this to only make a profit and not a difference for the world. Marginalization is happening to the fact that we are throwing our trash at these places and not thinking twice of what’s happening. Social media can play a role here with everyone wanting the newest best item to have. Then proceeding to throw out the old and it not be disposed of properly. I personally would like to see a change with how people don’t use things until there unusable. It would have the waste go down and less need for coltan.

1C Cartoon analysis

This picture is full of stereotypes. The concept that is in here is marginalization. The author is with full support of this. They show some racism in the sketch. The author uses hyperbole by over exggerates what the kid thinks a Indian is. He only thinks that Indians look like in movies or shows or sports teams. Overall the kid is being racist and should learn more about First Nation culture.

The big R in my symbol is for my hockey team the Redcliff Grizzlies. The deer is the browning symbol, it represents my love for the outdoors. The cross going through the middle is for my religion and my love for Jesus. The most important to is the cross I tried to make it stick out my putting it across the entire symbol. The next would be the browning symbol and I coloured it orange because we wear that hunting. Lastly would be the R I put it as the outline cause it’s the least important.

Languages of Saudi Arabia

It’s pretty easy to guess the official language of Saudi Arabia. It’s Arabic. Over 90% of the country speaks some sort of Arabic. Other than that it’s smaller languages from other countries. 41% of the people living in Saudi Arabia can understand and speak a little bit of English. Their isn’t any endangered or extinct languages in this country. The Arabic alphabet has 28 letters. Arabic is the 5th most common language in the world. Also the history of Arabic literature goes back to the 16th century.

World in 25 People: Saudi Arabia

The country i chose is Saudi Arabia. I don’t a whole lot about this country other than it is one of the largest oil exporters in the world. I know that East Indians are the ones that mostly live there. I would like to learn how the quality of life is there. Cause other middle east countries are third world countries, but this one isn’t. I would also like to learn about the culture and about the history of the country.