Talon Pride

I like the school Eagle Butte because it is fun. During a week before Christmas we would have some teachers and kids come to school early to play Christmas carols. Also our school teams do well and are supported by the school. Our cross country team had lots of members and our girls volleyball team won cities and went to provincials. We do lots of school events where tags will be competing against each other. All the teachers here are very encouraging and help us all to do our best. That is why i am proud to go to EBHS.

Family Holiday Traditions

In our family we will normally put the tree up together a couple weeks before Christmas. On Christmas we go to Rosemary for a family hockey game and a gift exchange. When we get home we get PJ’s and are off to bed. Our rule is sleep in till 9-10 before we open up gifts. We spend the day together then normally head up to Edmonton area to meet more family up there for a huge supper. Then we will spend the rest of the holiday up there until New Years. Our cousins up there have a back yard rink and we will have games and tournaments and mil go on the snowmobiles. Once its the New Year we come back home for reality.

Most Impactful Learning Moment

My most impactful learning moment would be how i learned to skate. Back in Vauxhall when i was a young boy of 5 my father took me public skating with some garage sale skates. I was complete trash and could barely get across the ice. The next week I was signed up for minor hockey and was playing games and practicing. I went to camp and skating coaches to help improve my skills. I was better than average and soon realized that i was going to make the NHL. Since I’m the goat I should be drafted in the next coming years.

Movie Review

The most recent movie I’ve watched was Forest Gump. The movie was about the life of Forest Gump and the luck he had. He wasn’t a very smart person and kinda floated around life carefree. He fought in a war and made friends along the way. Forest was always after the love of his life, Jenny. He grew up with Jenny and she was always moving around trying to make it has a singer. He started a shrimping company and made it huge and ended up investing in Apple when it was $5 a share. In the end he had a kid with Jenny. she died ad he lived out his life with his boy Forest jr It was pretty good. 5/5 stars.

Should Wikipedia be Allowed for Research in Schools

I think Wikipedia should be aloud for school research, because it has good information that people should be allow to use. The only downside is that anyone is able to edit and change the page. This can be good if they change the information so that it’s correct, but for the most part it most likely isn’t for that reason. Wikipedia has been able to enforce it really well when someone edits a page and has it so none of the information is right. Also the pages can have just as many errors as appose to a “correct” website. The website for the most part has had a bad reputation, but from the information that we’ve learned, Wikipedia is just as good as any other webpage, even better in some parts.

My Time at Eagle Butte so Far

My time at eagle butte so far has been decent. I didn’t have high  expectations coming here cause I have an older sister who attends this school. I thought is was going to be harder but the classes are still pretty easy. The reality of it is that high school isn’t to much different from junior high.

World Product Research: Coffee

Recently I researched the production of coffee beans and how fair trade has impacted them. The coffee industry is worth over 60 billion dollars. Coffee is the top ex-sport for 12 companies, 25 million small producers rely on coffee for a living world wide. Americans drink on average of 400 million cups of coffee every day. Equador continues to be down 50% from high reached in the late 1980’s which is do to the unpredictable weather and climate change. Coffee plantations have a huge effect on the environment. Fertilizer is used which eliminates the diversity of plants which support a bunch of insects and animals. 2.5 million acres of forest have been cleared in C.A. discharges from the processing plants represent a major source of river pollution. Soil quality is affected, the elimination of shade cover and higher rates of erosion. The worst part of all is how the workers are treated. They work 6 days a week 12-16 hours days. Also they have to pick 100-pound quota for a wage less than 3 dollars a day. Many times they cook, wash and bathe from the same water.

With all these terrible things do come some good. Fair trade has made it so small farmers growing coffee the natural way in the shades of trees (which eliminates deforestation) make a living. They pay them over double the normal guys and get ride of the middle man. Also when they grow coffee the natural way all the original snakes and spiders and the top soil is protected. I’ve learned that we should support Fair Trade so coffee isn’t wrecking third world countries.