Foods 10

Foods Basics

During this module I realized that cooking wasn’t difficult and doing different recipes was easy. I am still hoping to learn more about cooking and different ways on how to cook and prepare foods in the future.

My favourite dish would’ve been the smoothie we made on the first day of cooking. It was an Orange Julius flavour and was very tasty. It was thick and was sweet from the sugar and was super easy to make with ice and some orange flavouring. It was smooth with no clumps. The culinary skill that was used in this molecule was measuring cause we used the dry and measuring spoons to get the right amount of sugar and orange flavouring.

This module helped teamwork skills with us dividing the work of preparing and making the dish. It also helped with fundamental skills with using math to get the right portions for a certain amount of people. It also helped with personal management skills such as having the dish ready in time or being able to use new equipment and listening to the correct instructions.


Contemporary Baking 

Before I began this module I didn’t know about proper measuring. It helps to know that before I would have measured improperly messing up what I was trying to make. My favourite thing about this module was being able to eat what we made after to know what we are able to correct for the next time.

My favourite dish would have to be the cupcakes we recently made. My groups cake turned out really well and was light and fluffy. It was a tad dry but the butter cream icing made of for that. We put the Oilers team logo on the top since we feel bad that such a good player Conner McDavid is being wasted on a trash team. The skills we used making the cupcakes were proper measuring and using a technique so the icing squeezes wouldn’t get messy. We also made sure not to over mix the batter leaving air pockets in so the cake would be extra light.

This module is was critical for us to work as a team and split up different areas of the product. For example one person would do the dry mixture, while the other did the wet and the third person mixed it all together. Fundamental skills used would be making sure you have the correct amount of an ingredients since that was super important or the whole product would be wrecked. Another would be reading the instructions carefully because they are put in order for  reason. It was easy to stay positive until Terry would measure incorrectly then me and Levi would take deep breaths and start over and laugh about and wing it some more.


Fruits & Vegetables

My favourite thing about this module was being about to learn different ways to make bland fruits and veggies and being able to enhance the flavour. I am still hoping to learn more about making different variations of salads.

My favourite dish was the saute green peas. Its one of my favourite dishes when my parents prepare it so I will be able to make it myself now. It relates a lot to what we learned because we still had bright colours after because of adding salt into the bowling water and keeping the lid off. Saute was a little bit of oil the garlic was added and sat for 10 seconds then the peas were added. We cooked then on high moving them around for a couple of minutes. Topped them off with salt and pepper and they had a glow from the oil.

We worked as a team when preparing a salad very well with one person doing the greens and the other making the garnish. We were able to manage information well by using the necessary items fro our salad. We were able to work safely by not turning on the heat of the stove until we had everything prepared and set out in the ordered needed.


Grains, Legumes, Nuts and Seeds

My favorite thing about this module was making the pasta by hand and learning how simple it was. At home we have the mixer but just needs the pasta kit and I’ll be able to make laminated pasta for my family. During the module I was surprised by how many different parts of the grain there are. I didn’t know that there was different amounts of protein in flours and the different ones to use for cooking pastries or breads. When their is more protein that means there is more gluten that is able to be developed for what your making.

My favourite dish would’ve been the fried rice. I really enjoyed that it was an Asian dish but still had the egg to balance it out. I liked the rice a lot since I would add soy sauce but the ouster sauce added more flavor and the green peas added a nice colour and texture to the dish. Making the dish I used the skills I learned to prepare the rice properly by added 2:1 portions of water to rice. I used teamwork skills when making the pasta by one person feeding it thru the other is dusting the rolled pieces out and cutting them into 8 inch slices, another adjusting the dial, and the last person would’ve made the sauce. We had to solve problems when making the dough for the pasta because if it was to hard it needed more egg or if it was sticky needed more dough. I had to adapt to my group by not doing the dishes anymore because of the monster who tried to murder me by putting a really sharp chef knife in the soaping water where I ended up cutting myself.


Final Foods Self-Reflection

For safety and sanitation I would wash my hands with hot water and soap before cocking. I did proper measurement techniques by using dry cups for dry ingredients and the liquid cup for liquids. I also would use a flat head to level off the dry ingredients for exact measurements. I did modifications to our cookie recipe by taking out the butter for bananas and using whole wheat flax instead of all purpose flour. When I used a the chef knife I would carry it blade down to my station they use the steal before every use. I learned more about what nutrients are in what parts of the egg. The yolk is where all the fat is and the whites have most of the proteins, but they can be used separately for different uses. The yolk is used for coagulating custards and whites can be used for meringues. I’ve improved on using the correct ingredients for baked goods. There is three main different flours for making baked goods from the percent of protein in them. Whole wheat flour is good for breads since it has the highest protein percentage, Then all purpose which works for anything then pastry flour with the lowest of all making it more tender and light when baked. I improved on my fundamental skills in the kitchen by learning proper cuttings skills. It was much easier chopping up the ingredients using the rolling technique then what I did before. in my group I would help divide the work up evenly so everyone had jobs to do and keep busy. did lots of teamwork from doing my part for the dish and cleaning up afterwards from washing the dishes or counters or drying. The recipe that surprised me the most would’ve been the crème brulee. I wasn’t expecting it to taste like a milk shake and it was super easy to make that’s one I could make at home with my family. My confidence improved a lot in the kitchen because before I was weary about frying or using heat because I didn’t want to burn anything or start a fire, but now I know it’s fairly difficult to overcook anything when the proper way is used. I improved the most at baking, anything that group made would come out fairly good. It helped a lot know that exact measurements matter and not just roughly. I enjoyed this option the most and plan on taking it again next year.



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