1C- Inpacts of Digital Technology

We learned that all of us as consumers don’t see the destruction that we are creating. The technology we use in our everyday lives comes with a huge price of smaller third world countries. Coltan is a metal used in just about every smart device out there, and to get it is to mine by hand. The miners are treating terribly and usually work got food and not money. They are in small tunnels being threatened by the army with guns. Many people are killed every day. We see it as the latest device, but don’t see that we throw away our old one. The waste is sent illegally to Pakistan where people will scavenge for parts worth a little cash. There isn’t any safety for getting the scraps so they do so anyway they want which is mostly dangerous. A huge part of this happening is transnational companies, they are exploiting smaller countries. I hate how they do this to only make a profit and not a difference for the world. Marginalization is happening to the fact that we are throwing our trash at these places and not thinking twice of what’s happening. Social media can play a role here with everyone wanting the newest best item to have. Then proceeding to throw out the old and it not be disposed of properly. I personally would like to see a change with how people don’t use things until there unusable. It would have the waste go down and less need for coltan.