Thursday written response

May 25, 2017

When we are working in groups I don’t like to depending on the class, info class I like working in groups on certain things, in art it hard to work in groups and I don’t like it. There are some benefits that not just you have to do all the work but other people can help. There are some negatives to working in groups to such as, when your partner is away or when you are away. Info/English

The Blind Side

The Blind side

  1. In the movie when this quote was said all the girls were sitting at a table eating salad and one of the girls said you’re changing that boys life and leigh said No. Hes changing mine. At this moment of the film I feel proud of Leigh Anne Touhy because she has stood up against her friends for Michael living with them even though none of her friends approve or even like him, they don’t like him because they are racist and he is not the same as them. They are being hypocritical towards people because they think they all are doing these great things for society but in reality they aren’t. If I was faced with this situation like Leigh Anne Touhy and Michael I would most likely ask someone to help him or help him myself. But sometimes it’s scary to because sometimes they just follow you around after you have spoken or been kind to them. 
  2. In the movie Leigh Anne Touhy and her husband were talking about adopting Micheal and she thought she was right about something and her husband made he realize she wasn’t. the significance of this quote is that Leigh Anne Touhy was thinking she was right about Micheal until her husband had said something to her and made her realize that she was wrong, This quote applies to me because in my house my family argues over something but in the end the one who normally starts the argue is wrong. 

Digital Access

 Nothing really surprised me it would make sense the smaller countries were ahead in internet access because you don’t have as much people to get connected. Internet access isn’t the most high priority thing in my life, I could easily live without internet access I have done it before.The lack of access for another person would probably be devastating for them, People live there lives on there phone and these computers if phones and computers vanished this year i think lots of kids wouldn’t know what to do with them selves in the day. Kids would go out side more and get more physical activity and probably be a lot healthier, you would have to walk to your friends house instead of calling or texting and you wouldn’t text kids in the same room or house.

Life After School

I hope I will graduate school and move on to university. I want to go to university for three years and get my bachelor degree in fine arts and go to be a tattoo artist, I am going to go to the University Of Lethbridge for my bachelor’s degree and start tattooing first then I will probably go back to school for my masters in fine arts and become an art professor or go to the school at Banff school of fine arts.