Just when Isabelle thinks her life can’t get any worse, something happens to her at school that makes her wonder how she can continue to look after her younger siblings, Evan and Maisie, work at the local mini-mart and deal with her alcoholic mother. It’s more than any sixteen-year-old should have to bear, but Isabelle can’t think of a way out that won’t hurt her brother and sister.

When Isabelle punches a girl at school, only one teacher sees past Isabelle’s aggressive behavior. Challenged to participate in a group writing project, Isabelle tentatively connects with a boy named Will and discovers an interest in (and talent for) the only kind of drama she can control–the kind that happens on the page.

I really enjoyed this book.  It has great examples of dysfunctional families and how the behaviour is perpetuated as well as issues of bullying.  Isabelle is the main character who has to deal with all of these issues and her strength of character is to be commended.  These are issues which quite often are hidden and those who are living it are not always provided the assistance they need to break the cycle.  This is a great book for anyone to read with a strong teenage lead.

image taken from Goodreads

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