Someone I Admire

Someone that has always had a great impact on my life is my best friend Kaitlyn. I have known her since I was three and she has always been there for me since then. Kaitlyn has helped me through tough times and always is there to put a smile on my face. I admire her because she has always encouraged me to try my best and supports me through my sports. I look up to her because she is a great friend, makes me laugh and helped me become the person I am today. I also admire her because she is very trustworthy and I feel comfortable telling her anything.

EBHS: My First Few Weeks

On my first day at Eagle Butte High School, I was quite nervous about becoming a student here considering it is very different then my former school. After my few first weeks here I realized that I was nervous about nothing. I have had a pretty good time at Eagle Butte, I find that the classes are easy so far and I am succeeding better than I thought I would be. Yet, I think that High School is more challenging then Junior High because there is way more tests and homework. I have made a lot of new friends and become closer with my old friends. I have found a new interest since I came to this school, it is cross country. I’m really glad that I joined the team, I feel like I really succeed at running. At my first race in Edmonton I got 15th places which is pretty good for my first time racing. From joining cross country I have had a really fun and eventful time, also it’s a place where I have made new friends. One thing I have leant in high school is that it’s going to be much more work than junior high, I will need to try harder and study more often to succeed over my years here. My overall impression of Eagle Butte so far is that so far I think I will make a lot of friends and have a great experience because I have so far.