Anonymity Online

In my opinion being anonymous online shouldn’t be allowed, even though some people have different opinions this is mine. You should have to state your real name online, because everything you put online is liked to you. If you don’t feel comfortable having your name linked to what you post then you probably shouldn’t be posting it. Say your account gets hacked or some thing bad happens in your account then authorities can track who you are to inform you, these are the legal reasons why you should not be anonymous online. In conclusion I believe that you should have your mane stated online because what you say should follow you and you shouldn’t be hidden behind a fake name.

Family Holidays

Family Holidays


Some family traditions that my family does every Christmas is on Christmas Eve we play board games and eat finger food, we each get to open one present of my parents’ choice , usually it is a blanket or something I can use for the night. In the morning I’m always woke up at 7 by my brother. Then we go to my grandpa’s house for brunch with my mom’s family. Then I go to my dad’s house to see my dad’s family and step mom’s family. For supper we always open Christmas Crackers and wear the crowns while we eat. For Easter my parents hide Easter eggs around the house so we can find them.

Most Impactful Learning Moment

The most impactful learning moment in my life was learning how to walk and talk. I feel like these things are the most impactful because if I didn’t learn how to do what I do in my everyday life. Being able to walk and talk opens up opportunities that I would not have if I was unable to communicate with the world. Everything that I learned to do when I was younger were impotent skills that are a necessity in the world around me. If I was illiterate then life would be very difficult. Being able to walk and talk will shape who I am as a person. Without these skills I wouldn’t be able to get a career or learn anything that will help in my life. That’s why I feel like learning to do the basics that I learnt as a child are the most important.

Should Wikipedia be Allowed for Research in Schools?

I think Wikipedia should be allowed for research in schools because the workers there are always checking to make sure no one vandalized the pages, which makes it mostly accurate. Wikipedia is an easy way to get information on mostly any topic, on the Wikipedia sites they cite where they received the information so have more sources of research. Users are allowed to update the pages to make them up to date so it is more accurate. It is an easy and fast way to gain information.

Is Smart Technology Informing or Distracting us?

Is smart technology informing or distracting us? In my opinion I feel like smart technology both distracts and informs us. I believe this because technology helps to inform us by making it easier to communicate and learn. Yet it also distracts us because people use technology for everything and t causes people to become dependent on it for everything. We use technology to increase are ability but at the same time it is also declining our ability to be able to live unless we are using technology. Some resources in technology are able to make life easier but some are useless all they do is prevent us from being able to live in a world where no one is reliant on the smart technology. Technology is being used medical research and in careers so it lets us be able to learn things we wouldn’t have known without it.


A Day Made of Glass

In the video “A Day Made of Glass” every single aspect of their lives used technology. I feel like the whole idea of this is out of reach and is not going to be in real life for a long time. Some of these features could be really helpful in life for example being able to communicate with other people around the world, also having the ability to be able to do virtual learning in the medical field because it will make things easier and help people become more organized. I also feel like this will make people become too dependent on technology because everything is done for them and if everything were to stop working then nothing would be able to function. I think some of these features are un necessary like having the ability to see dinosaurs. Overall I feel like this technology could be really useful but I also feel like this is going to make everyone too reliant on having technology in their life.