1C- Impacts of Digital Technology

I have learned that consumers have not realized the amount of destruction being caused by the production of technology. IN class we discussed E-Waste and Coltan miners, which both negatively impact the world and the producers of the products. In the Democratic Republic of Congo people worked in the mines and as porters to contain cassiterite for circuit boards in technology. The porters had to carry sacks up to 50 kilograms, 40 miles through jungles only making up to 5$ per day, as they would have to fight off people trying to steal the materials. The miners were ruled by gun law and had to crawl around small spaces with no protective gear. These workers also only work for food instead of money. In America and Canada they illegally import E-Waste  to landfills in Africa because it is cheaper. The labourers risk their health to scavenge the valuable materials in the technology such as gold or lead. The waste releases toxin and contaminates the water and soil. In Pakistan there are huge fires around they area from burning waste, the workers come in contact with chemicals without protective equiptment so the majority of workers die at a young age. After learning about the E-Waste and and Coltan miners I have learned that we destruct the world for our technology