Show Review: Friends

A show I have recently watched is Friends, I have watched this television series twice because I really enjoy watching it. I enjoy this show because it is really funny and makes me laugh. Every episode in this show makes me laugh and puts me in a good mood. All the actors in this show match their character very well which makes the show better. The different personalities in each character makes the show extremely funny. This show is very relatable to real life because all the characters go through emotions that everyone goes through. Out of all the shows I have watched Friends has been my favorite one.


A Day Made of Glass

In the video “A Day Made of Glass” every single aspect of their lives used technology. I feel like the whole idea of this is out of reach and is not going to be in real life for a long time. Some of these features could be really helpful in life for example being able to communicate with other people around the world, also having the ability to be able to do virtual learning in the medical field because it will make things easier and help people become more organized. I also feel like this will make people become too dependent on technology because everything is done for them and if everything were to stop working then nothing would be able to function. I think some of these features are un necessary like having the ability to see dinosaurs. Overall I feel like this technology could be really useful but I also feel like this is going to make everyone too reliant on having technology in their life.