Most Impactful Learning Moment

My most impactful learning moment would be how i learned to skate. Back in Vauxhall when i was a young boy of 5 my father took me public skating with some garage sale skates. I was complete trash and could barely get across the ice. The next week I was signed up for minor hockey and was playing games and practicing. I went to camp and skating coaches to help improve my skills. I was better than average and soon realized that i was going to make the NHL. Since I’m the goat I should be drafted in the next coming years.

Movie Review

The most recent movie I’ve watched was Forest Gump. The movie was about the life of Forest Gump and the luck he had. He wasn’t a very smart person and kinda floated around life carefree. He fought in a war and made friends along the way. Forest was always after the love of his life, Jenny. He grew up with Jenny and she was always moving around trying to make it has a singer. He started a shrimping company and made it huge and ended up investing in Apple when it was $5 a share. In the end he had a kid with Jenny. she died ad he lived out his life with his boy Forest jr It was pretty good. 5/5 stars.

Should Wikipedia be Allowed for Research in Schools

I think Wikipedia should be aloud for school research, because it has good information that people should be allow to use. The only downside is that anyone is able to edit and change the page. This can be good if they change the information so that it’s correct, but for the most part it most likely isn’t for that reason. Wikipedia has been able to enforce it really well when someone edits a page and has it so none of the information is right. Also the pages can have just as many errors as appose to a “correct” website. The website for the most part has had a bad reputation, but from the information that we’ve learned, Wikipedia is just as good as any other webpage, even better in some parts.