HIT List

The HIT List consists of 10 books which include some Canadian authors, fiction, non-fiction and a graphic novel.  Basically there is a book for every taste and reading level.  The book titles are chosen by a group consisting of members from Eagle Butte High School, Medicine Hat High School, Crescent Heights High School, Medicine Hat Public Library and Medicine Hat College Library.

Every book that a student reads is equal to 1 entry into 2 prize draws, so if you read 1 book you have 2 chances to win a great prize…if you read all 10 books you have 20 chances.  But on top of the grand prizes we give out (which in the past have been e-readers and I-pads) we have also had many coupons from various restaurants, Mavericks tickets, Tiger tickets, gift certificates to the Mall and Cineplex so you have even more chances to win, in fact everyone who reads wins something.